The Stiiizy is a pod-based dab-pen / cannabis oil vape available throughout California. If you don’t live somewhere that these are available consider the Puffco Proxy

The pods are prefilled with distillate and come in a variety of strain specific flavors and blends. The pods run 30-50 bucks and are available in .5 and 1g size options.

Stiiizy sent me a device and a few pods. I have since purchased about 10 of the pods on my own, with my own money.

Stiiizy vs Pax Era

The Pax Era is a nicer device with more features; however many of the Pax Era features aren’t even related to vaping.

Stiiizy oil is OK. It’s consistent and affordable. Pax Era can be filled with a variety of different oils from different providers. Some oils are shit, some are great.

Stiiizy Battery Life

The Stiiizy stays charged for several days worth of casual-but-regular use. With hardcore daily use, expect to charge daily. Pods can last as long as a month or two, or as short as a weekend. It all depends on how hard you’re hitting it.

Stiiizy is available throughout California. Find the nearest cannabis dispensary via Weedmaps or hit up Stiiizy directly.