This review last updated: Jan 16, 2018.
My Pax Era continues to work well. I’ve had my first bad pod, but Eaze took care of me.  The original Pax Era review is below. There’s also a Pax Era review video further down the page.

The Pax Era is an ultra-compact dab/oil pen. It uses a proprietary cartridge system and Pax Labs controls which cannabis extract suppliers can fill and sell Pax Era cartridges.
This “closed-garden” style market is similar to Apple and their control of what’s allowed in their app market – Pax controls the quality of oil that goes into the cartridge. Its counterpart – 510 threaded cartridge –   is an open format (Google’s Android)

I picked up my Era 7 months ago, right before New Year’s Eve. I’ve been using it heavily and sharing it often to gather input. I like doing this to better understand everyone’s preferences and perspectives.
One thing everyone agrees on with the Pax Era – “TASTY!” , “Absolutely Delicious”

TO BE CLEAR: I’m in Southern California and all of my Pax Era pods are filled by Bloom Farms. I haven’t tried any of the pods from Colorado. I also have not tried any of the new suppliers in the Bay Area.

The flavors and the vapor from the Pax Era are incredible. Compared to most other cartridge vapes, the Era is leaps and bounds ahead. Pax Era pods are filled with a type of concentrate called ‘live resin.’ Live resin is made using the entire flash frozen plant, not just the flowers. The result is a full spectrum of terpenes and a more diverse array of flavors and cannabinoids.
Cliffs notes: live resin = Tastes better, better high, less waste

The cartridges are a half gram and will set you back $40-$55 depending on the strain. More costly than a half gram of quality live resin, at least in my part of California.

I CAN get 510 cartridges that taste just as good, they’re just as potent, and they’re cheaper – but they’re not easy to swap and charging those 510 pen batteries sucks

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having the ability to switch cartridges quickly. Having an indica for nighttime and a sativa for daytime is EASY with the Era. Keep a CBD cartridge around for when extra healing and pain relief is needed. There are no threads, and there’s no leaking. The cartridge just pops in and out.

The strain variety is also great. The blended pods (indica, sativa, hybrid) are cheaper and just as potent as the single strain pods. The single strain pods are extra delicious.

The device itself is tiny and rugged in its own micro-way. It’s simple and perfect. Push the pod in. Take your hits. Put the Era in your pocket. Changing temps from the device is easy. The battery indicator and hit-counter are smile-worthy features not found on competitor products.

The Pax Era is a perfect device for a casual cannabis user, a tourist, or as a travel companion when packing larger vapes isn’t an option.

The Era is available directly from Pax Labs

I purchased the Era with my own money and this review is my own honest and objective opinion.