Pax Era Review – 7 Months Later

Pax Era Review
The Pax Era measures 4″ by .7″ by .4″. Its shell is sturdy aluminum.

This review last updated: Jan 16, 2018.
My Pax Era continues to work well. I’ve had my first bad pod, but Eaze took care of me. Eaze is still offering $20 free credit, which means MOST Californians can get a free Era now that recreational is in effect. The original Pax Era review is below. There’s also a Pax Era review video further down the page.

The Pax Era is an ultra-compact dab/oil pen. It uses a proprietary cartridge system and Pax Labs controls which cannabis extract suppliers can fill and sell Pax Era cartridges.
This “closed-garden” style market is similar to Apple and their control of what’s allowed in their app market – Pax controls the quality of oil that goes into the cartridge. Its counterpart – 510 threaded cartridge –   is an open format (Google’s Android)

I picked up my Era 7 months ago, right before New Year’s Eve. I’ve been using it heavily and sharing it often to gather input. I like doing this to better understand everyone’s preferences and perspectives.
One thing everyone agrees on with the Pax Era – “TASTY!” , “Absolutely Delicious”

TO BE CLEAR: I’m in Southern California and all of my Pax Era pods are filled by Bloom Farms. I haven’t tried any of the pods from Colorado. I also have not tried any of the new suppliers in the Bay Area.

The flavors and the vapor from the Pax Era are incredible. Compared to most other cartridge vapes, the Era is leaps and bounds ahead. Pax Era pods are filled with a type of concentrate called ‘live resin.’ Live resin is made using the entire flash frozen plant, not just the flowers. The result is a full spectrum of terpenes and a more diverse array of flavors and cannabinoids.
Cliffs notes: live resin = Tastes better, better high, less waste

The cartridges are a half gram and will set you back $40-$55 depending on the strain. More costly than a half gram of quality live resin, at least in my part of California.

I CAN get 510 cartridges that taste just as good, they’re just as potent, and they’re cheaper – but they’re not easy to swap and charging those 510 pen batteries sucks

I ABSOLUTELY LOVE having the ability to switch cartridges quickly. Having an indica for nighttime and a sativa for daytime is EASY with the Era. Keep a CBD cartridge around for when extra healing and pain relief is needed. There are no threads, and there’s no leaking. The cartridge just pops in and out.

The strain variety is also great. The blended pods (indica, sativa, hybrid) are cheaper and just as potent as the single strain pods. There’s currently 7 single strain pods available at Eaze, a California delivery service. The single strain pods are extra delicious.

The device itself is tiny and rugged in its own micro-way. It’s simple and perfect. Push the pod in. Take your hits. Put the Era in your pocket. Changing temps from the device is easy. The battery indicator and hit-counter are smile-worthy features not found on competitor products.

The Pax Era is a perfect device for a casual cannabis user, a tourist, or as a travel companion when packing larger vapes isn’t an option.

The Era is available directly from Pax Labs, or from Eaze in California

I purchased the Era with my own money and this review is my own honest and objective opinion.

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19 thoughts on “Pax Era Review – 7 Months Later”

  1. After reading this review I went out and bought the pax era and I have to absolutely admit that your review was sponsored by pax and Eaze

    • Hi Cole, I’m sorry you feel that way. ZERO sponsorships here, what you see is my honest opinion. Are there any specific things you didn’t like about the Era?

  2. Nice review!
    We’ve recently been able to buy the pods in las vegas for around $60.

    One question, please…..

    Can you update on approximately how many pulls you get with one pod, before it goes to empty?
    Seems like the 510 threaded carts give me between 100-150.

  3. Great Second review Troy. It would be nic eif you could review oil from other companies. it seems like you found one of the best with Bloom Farms. Esppecially sicne you said in the Gpen Gio review that some pods suck. I’d love to know which ones to avoid. Like those dish ssoap ones from State.

  4. $20 for the unit in Vegas and $50-$60 for cartridges. More selections including CBD and CBD crossovers have come though out here. I love the unit. I do not however like the high intensity vape cartridges that most vendors have switched over to out here. They were fine as they were, but they made it so it hits harder…which is okay, but not necessary as the cartridges go faster. I just picked up a Hydra case too, dope shit, it’ll hold 1 other cartridge and charge the unit with 1 cartridge in it.

    Again your the best Troy,


  5. I love the Era. Stealthy, extremely easy to use. Effects are rockin’. I just wish it was available here on the east coast now that I’ve moved back >.<… man.. it’ll be years before it works it’s way here. I want them pods!

    • Oh man that sucks. For what it’s worth about half of my recently purchased pax era pods were only OK. If I were to re-review the word “delicious” would definitely not be overused. I’ve even thrown some pods away before they were dry just because they didn’t taste great. Oil carts always seem to be a bit hit or miss 🙁
      Hope you have access to plenty of other goodies at least!!

      • This is why I love the DynaVap with the DynaCoil.
        You can sidestep all of that and just get a big syringe of concentrate, squirt it on the coil and bon voyage!

  6. I want to love the era but I just find it’s pulls to be so weak and very little vapor. With 510 I get a mouthful of tasty vapor and two hits is all I need. With the era each hit is different and sometimes I have to hit it over 10 times to feel anything I go through the pods like crazy because of this. I haven’t tried the high intensity pods but that may be what’s needed. I also don’t like how one side of the pod will finish before the other and then the last 40 or so hits are super weak.

  7. I love the era pods so far. Anyone have experience with pods taken from sea level to higher altitudes (6,000 feet)? I have had cartridges leak. Is there a similar risk with pods?

  8. I understood your video better than the PAX website video. I had almost made the decision to toss it but I kept it after your video and I’m thankful!

  9. hey troy, do you still recommend this vape? looking at getting into the cartridge side and thinking between this or a 510 battery? i already have a argo for dry herb! thanks


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