The Milaana is a wooden-bodied dry herb vaporizer powered by a removable 18650 battery and a patented convection heater. The Milaana is a cannabis vaporizer of a different breed. It’s completely unregulated and absolutely primal. You pack the bowl. You hit the button. You go for a ride!

Available directly from Rasta Buddha Tao

RBT Milaana Review

Ok so it’s not quite so easy. The Milaana has a small learning curve. It helps to have a basic understanding of how the vape works.

When you push and hold the ONLY button on the Milaana, the circuit is closed and the full power of the 18650 battery drives the convection heater full blast. You inhale through the glass stem and the air is drawn through the heater and through the cannabis. Vaporization happens as the hot air heats the weed. I give a more detailed walkthrough for how to hit the Milaana towards the end of this review.

With the right technique, the Milaana is a motherfuckin’ LION of a vape. With a stash of 18650’s nearby, the Milaana will take the whole crew for a ride. Vape Critic also highly recommended the Milaana in his video.

Milaana Unboxing

  • Milaana (in Maple, Cherry, Walnut)
  • 2 stems (short + long)
  • Battery (batteries matter)
  • Hemp pouch
  • Skewer for screen / stir
  • Tin
  • Battery charger
  • Spare screens

How to Hit Milaana

  • Step 1) Adjust the screen in the stem (further pushed down the screen, the more weed you can pack)
  • Step 2) Pack weed (Coarse, packed loosely)
  • Step 3) Hold button to turn on heater
    There is no temp setting on this vape, you get 100% draw or nothing at all
    Heat up for 5 seconds before starting draw
  • Step 4) Pulse button to maintain desired heat level

As battery dies, pulse less
***Start your pull slow to heat up material

Vapelife X did a pretty thorough breakdown of how to use the MIlaana

There was a post on Reddit’s vaporents community a while back asking for tips on how to get good hits from the Milaana. Definitely worth checking out and giving it a quick read.

Is The Milaana Worth It?

The Milaana offers you full controll over the vaping experience. The bowl size is also fully customizable. Simply push the screen deeper down to allow for more flower into the bowl. The vapor quality is out of this world! See the full selection available at RBT.