This is one of my favorite weed accessories! This all-glass display stand is a really elegant way to display a collection of quartz bangers, terp slurpers, or glass bowls. This stand has TEN 14mm female glass joints to display your bangers and bowls nicely!

The Pulsar Banger / Bowl Display is Borosilicate Glass

Made to fit in on a shelf full of headies, this stand is made with crystal clear borosilicate glass – the same type of glass most bongs and bubblers are made out of. This stand will blend in and let your collection shine.

This display holds TEN 14mm bangers or bowls. The glass female joints are evenly distributed and stand straight up, perfect for my collection of Terp Slurpers!

All Glass terp slurper display stand / 14mm TEN JOINTS

The two heavy glass pedestal feet keep the bowl display stand firm and stable on the shelf or desk surface. I’ve moved this around a few times and it’s well-balanced.

The Pulsar banger display stand is $94 at