The DabReady is a game-changing adaptation to the dabrig.  Gone are the tangly wires and exposed red hot coils. Gone are the torches and cans of constantly empty butane.

The DabReady works with any standard 25mm quartz banger.

Old Head DabReady uses a traditional quartz banger and is a torch-free and completely silent.

Dabbing with the DabReady is much closer to the traditional torch dab experience, without all the timers and torches.

Watch this video to see the DabReady in action

I have a full video review in progress. I cut this version from one of my Instagram sessions.

Here’s how to dab with the DabReady

  • Turn your DabReady on and set the temp to 30 degrees warmer than you plan to dab. I keep my Dabready set to 580F. It takes about 3 minutes to warm up.
  • Load your dab tool and get ready to dab
  • Pull the banger from the coil. I like to use my bong to scoop up the banger by its joint rather than using my fingers, but either way works.
  • Drop your dab, set the marble, and inhale!

I leave my DabReady on all day so a hot banger is always ready for a dab. Cheers!

Upgrade Your Dabs with the Dab Ready

Cancel your Amazon butane subscription and toss out the torches and dab timers. 

DabReady Review

The DabReady is far more functional and fun to use than a traditional e-nail. It takes out all of the guesswork and all of the tedious timing challenges. No more torches. No more butane. It’s really easy and extremely convenient!

The DabReady is only compatible with traditional gavel-style quartz bangers. Modern Terp Slurpers and other fancy bangers are not going to work with the Dab Ready.

The DabReady keeps a 25mm quartz banger hot and ready for convenient dabbing whenever you need it.

Limited Quartz Banger Compatibility

The DabReady will work with any 25mm banger. It’s a pretty common, practically standard size. My local smokeshop carries 5 different versions of 25mm bangers, just to show you how common this size is.

Old Head has a made-to-spec auto-spinner banger that fits the DabReady perfectly and has great action. I highly recommend picking up the whole bundle, even if you already have a couple of compatible bangers.

Buy the bundle! The optional banger and marble are great even if you already have a compatible banger.  The OldHead banger is an auto-spinner with two large directional intakes on the sides. Old Head also sells heady marbles and accessories made by 420vapezone community members! 

DabReady quartz banger and marble bundle

Convenience vs Compromise

The dabbing experience with the DabReady is sooo convenient and easy. Butane is a costly consumable and the constant refilling is a time and mood killer.

Terp Slurpers still serve a better dab than gavels, but they’re a lot more work.

I’m still torn between Terp Slurpers and the DabReady convenience.  I miss the nicer dab from the Terp Slurper, but I don’t miss torching and refilling the torch multiple times daily.

I’ll probably pull the Terp Slurper out whenever I splurge on Hash Rosin and other premium concentrates. The difference in the dab is super subtle, while the difference in the experience is huge.

Close-up photo of the DabReady coil. It's an axial coil with both side and under wrap to heat a 25mm standard quartz banger.

25mm Axial Coil Heater + Heat Shield

The DabReady uses a 25mm coil to heat a banger from the sides and bottom. An aluminum heat shield provides some protection from the hot coil.

DabReady view from the front. It's a small device with a minimal footprint.

Small, Simple Footprint

With no tangly cables to worry about, the DabReady holds a small footprint on your desk or table. I plan to have two of these on my desk in the near future.

DabReady vs E-nail

The DabReady is the e-nail reimagined. A Rennaissance if you will. 

Unlike a traditional e-nail that maintains a steady and constant dab temperature, the DabReady delivers a dab experience that more closely matches a torched quartz banger.

The DabReady silently heats a standard quartz banger to a temperature hotter than your desired dab temperature and holds it there until you’re ready to smoke. The banger is pulled from the DabReady and placed into your dab rig and the temperature of the quartz falls into your ideal dab temperature – similar to torch dabs.

I’ve often found traditional e-nail dabs to be rather boring because the temperature is the same and the expression of terpenes is less diverse. Dabbing with a hot banger that’s actively losing temperature actually delivers a more flavorful dab.

The biggest differences between the DabReady and regular e-nails are in maintenance and interface.

The DabReady is unlike the traditional e-nail experience. There’s no cord tugging at your bong or tipping over everything on your desk as you toke. Enails are anchored down by the coil’s cable and the PID controller. Typically a good e-nail setup requires a sturdy bong and a drop-down to catch all the reclaim.  With the DabReady you can use whatever heady piece you prefer because the bangers are standard 25mm flat-bottom gavels.

Cleaning and maintaining your banger with the DabReady is more simple than a torched banger and slightly more complicated than a traditional e-nail.

I like that I can clean the banger back to new between every dab. Enails always have a level of reclaim and burnoff that negatively affects the flavor.

The DabReady is essentially an e-nail, but the experience is a refreshing overhaul and a wonderful improvement to the life of a daily dabber.

No Terp Slurper, No Problem

Terp Slurpers aren’t really compatible with the DabReady. It will heat it, and dabs will melt and vaporize – but the heat distribution is all wrong. The dish becomes the hottest part and the vapor column doesn’t get hot enough.

I don’t want to call anyone out here, but slurpers just don’t work great in these types of devices.

A better compromise is the 16mm Luna banger and optional SIC adapter to make it work in the DabReady. The Luna is an auto-spinning slurper-like banger with a bucket bottom instead of a melt-dish. This popular banger from Victory Glassworks feels more like a Terp Slurper because of the narrow column, tight pillar action, and aerated vapor.

Use code TROYTIME @ Victoryglassworks to save 20% on the Luna or any other banger.

DabReady can also work with 16mm bangers with an add-on SIC adapter.

This adapter is currently a small-batch product and may or may not be readily available.  It’s my favorite way to dab with the DabReady – so I hope it becomes popular enough to remain available.

DabReady SIC insert makes the device compatible with 16mm flat bottom bangers like the Luna.

SiC Insert

This SIC insert makes the DabReady compatible with “finger bangers” like the Luna and other 16mm slim flat-bottomed bangers..

DabReady with the SIC insert will work with 16mm bangers

Easy Installation

The SIC insert simply slides into the coil and sits there. A 16mm flat bottom banger slips smoothly into the insert.

The DabReady is a GAMECHANGER – But it’s not perfect

As a daily dabber, the DabReady immediately changed the way I dab. I’ve always preferred torch dabs over e-nails. The ritual, the experience, and the vapor of a torch dab kept me loyal to the technique. 

The Ritual of the Dab and the after-dab maintenance are important and the DabReady has a lovely ritual. And since the DabReady doesn’t stay connected to your banger, cleaning, maintaining, and replacing your quartz is simple and easy.

Let’s Get Critical

I’m not going to criticize the interface or the experience. I think it’s a simply brilliant disruption of e-nail technology and a wonderful advancement to the cannabis interface. But the product itself has room for improvement.

The DabReady heat shield gets hot and should not be touched.


The heat shield has a lot of flat smooth surface area and it gets very hot. It’s not going to burn you as bad as touching the coil, but it will burn you if you touch it.

If this metal were ridged it would have more surface area to dissipate heat and less surface area available to come in contact with.

DabReady underside shows signs of softened plastic from the heat of the coil and heat guard.

Thin Plastic Housing

The DabReady is structurally sound and I’d feel comfortable tossing it in a backpack or duffel back for quick travel. But the housing is a bit thin and if you squeeze it too hard in certain ways it feels flimsy.

The plastic where the heat guard is mounted is already showing signs of heat damage. This is another area for potential improvement.

Overall there isn’t really a lot to complain about. It does everything well enough and only suffers from a few “would be nice if” sort of problems.

  • It’d be nice if it worked with Terp Slurpers.
  • It’d be nice if there were no dangerously hot surfaces.
  • It’d be nice if the housing were more sturdy.

That said – it doesn’t need to be or do any of those things. The DabReady does its job and does it well. It’s still safer than torch dabs and tangly e-nails.

Dry Herb Vape LIKE NO OTHER – Terp Hammer

DabReady and Terp Hammer

The DabReady isn’t just for dab! With the optional Terp Hammer, the DabReady becomes the first-of-its-kind dry herb vaporizer!

The Terp Hammer is a ball vape, which means it’s filled with balls and rips harder than mainstream weed vapes. This thing is made for weed lovers.  

The Terp Hammer is coming soon. I’ve beta-tested it and absolutely loved it.

The Terp Hammer hit like a Freight Train but without the tangly cord.

Similar Products

There’s really nothing like this out there and the DabReady is the first of its kind. Disorderly Conduction released a flexible Cobra Coil that’s used in a similar way but relies on the PID itself for stability. The Cobra Coil is a bit DIYish compared to the DabReady. 

Is the DabReady Worth It?

If you dab daily, or like to have dab sessions involving multiple dabs or multiple people, the DabReady will improve your life and make dabbing more efficient and enjoyable.

The concept isn’t hard to DIY and piece some cheap Chinese e-nail parts together, but this is a complete package that’s been designed, refined, and optimized for future accessories.

I think the DabReady is going to be a mainstay on the desks of many.

Improve Your DabLife with a DabReady

Pick up a DabReady from OldHeadTC today and put your butane and torches away.