The CouchLog is a log-style vaporizer with innovative and awe-inspiring features.

It’s a classy desktop vaporizer with around-the-house portability, a super simple interface, and the power of a ball vape. The CouchLog is as agile and powerful as it is beautiful. It’s an amazing experience that’s END-GAME level.

First Look at the CouchLog Vaporizer

The CouchLog has only been in the family for a few days and she’s already made a name for herself. This handmade vape has it all – the looks, the feel, and the performance.

What makes the CouchLog different than other vapes?

While the CouchLog looks similar to a few other dry herb vaporizers, it’s in a league of its own. These three things set the Couchlog vaporizer above the rest.

1. The CouchLog is a ball vape!

The CouchLog hits harder and faster than any other log vape on the market because it has balls. The hardest-hitting vapes of 2023 are almost all ball vapes and the CouchLog is the newest vape to be added to that list. The CouchLog’s heating element uses ceramic balls in the heater.

2. Convertable 14mm Injector Vape

The wooden heat shield pops off to easily convert the CouchLog into a 14mm ball-vape injector! This makes the vape compatible with standard 14mm injector bowls for an all-convection and all-glass experience.

3. Magnetic Bases are LIFECHANGING

Both the vape and the temp controller have super-strong magnets built into their bases.  Set the CouchLog down on a metal rolling tray or one of the included circular magnetic sticky discs and it’s not going anywhere.  I have the circles stuck on my desk and I also use a metal tray to move the vape around, like a little portable vape station! I can vape on the COUCH with the CouchLog!

CouchLog melted face in wood grain

Face Melting Power

This vape rips hard and packs face-melting power in a little package. The CouchLog is a ball vape with a 14mm injector interface.  Convection vapor from ball-powered vapes is currently the bleeding edge of dry herb vaporizer technology.

CouchLog Injector (14mm Injector Vape)

14mm Injector 2-in-1 Log Vape

Slip off the outer wooden sleeve and the CouchLog becomes an exposed 14mm injector vape! Instantly compatible with standard 14mm glass injector bowls.

CouchLog Bottom Half and underside
CouchLog cork bottom is magnetic

Embedded neodymium magnets beneath the flat cork base of the CouchLog make it sit firmly in place on any metal surface. Even sideways on your refridgerator! The CouchLog includes 2 circular magnet stickers, one for the vaporizer and one for the temperature controller.

CouchLog Temperature Controller
Bottom of CouchLog temp controller

The temperature control module is made of wood too and it’s about the same size as the CouchLog base. The controller dial has 10 tick marks and I’ve been vaping on temp 4, so it has plenty more power beyond! The base is also magnetic cork, with a cool peace sign burned on.

Troy from 420vapezone holding the CouchLog with stem attached

The stem doubles as a water pipe adapter, fitting both 14 and 18mm female glass joints. I highly recommend using this vape through water, because ball vapes put out some hot vapor.

The wooden stem can also be filled with glass balls to cool the vapor, but they’re not included.

CouchLog Bowl cleaning

Easy to clean Bowl & Screen

The metal bowl piece pops out of the stem and is easy to clean. I like to use a brush and isopropyl alcohol in a spray bottle to clean the screen right at my desk.

Using the Dynavap as the CouchLog bowl and stem

Dynavap Compatible

With the included green O-rings, the Couchlog bowl can adapt to Dynavap tips so you can use your favorite cooling stem and Dynavap tip in a full convection ball vape experience!

CouchLog screen

The Screen

The screen is one of the few things I can really complain about. It’s tiny and specially shaped for its purpose. If you lose all of your CouchLog screens, you’ll need to make them yourself or re-order from Germany.

The 14mm injector sized bowl is already smaller and tighter than the usual 18mm. As the outter edge of the screen gets dirty and clogged the airflow becomes even tighter.

I find myself cleaning the screen daily, sometimes twice daily.

Where does the CouchLog in a room full of other vapes?

The CouchLog checks a lot of boxes and I think it’s going to be in my routine reachables for the foreseeable future. 

I love that it uses small amounts of weed. I’m vaping Dynavap sized bowls and getting massive clouds. I don’t get as annhialated as the B-Zero or the TKO, but I’m also using half the weed. 

I don’t feel at all unsatisfied by the CouchLog

The CouchLog is amazing as a log vape. I love leaving it on all day and having it always ready to vape. The magnetic bases are a gamechanging feature and by themselves make this vaporizer stand out above the rest. Factor in the power and convertibility and it makes the CouchLog the KING.

Get a CouchLog

Pick up a CouchLog today from the maker. Supporting the artisans, inventors, and creators is a great way to help grow the vaporizer industry.

More Heavy Hitters

The CouchLog blurs the line between traditionally wimpy log vapes and modern face melting ball vapes. The market is fast evolving.

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