It’s no secret that I prefer to use a torch and banger for my dabs. E-nails are great for temperature consistency and convenience, but they just don’t deliver the same vapor and vaping experience as a Terp Slurper or similar modern quartz banger.

The E-Luna is unlike any other e-nail. It’s built using a modern auto-spinning deep dish quartz banger that actually performs similarly to a Terp Slurper

20mm Luna E-nail from Victory Glassworks

The Luna E-nail is available in both 16mm and 20mm deep dish bangers. My video demo and review use the 20mm version and I think I’d probably like the 16mm version better.

20mm Luna E-nail (E-luna) with axial coil and 10mm joint

Autospinners and Pillars hit different

The Luna banger works great with a quartz pillar because the auto-spinning feature moves the pillar exceptionally well.

As the pillar spins smoothly around the column’s inner walls, it’s spreading the oil evenly all around.

It’s the same wonderful action that makes Terp Slurper and Terp Blenders so great! The pillar picks up all of the oil and spreads it around. It builds up momentum and has an extremely satisfying whirr.

Luna e-banger autospinner intakes make the oil and the pillars spin rapidly using intake air

E-nail Temps vs Dab Rite Terp Slurper Temps

In my video, I started with my e-nail temps really low. My first dab went in at 450F, which is even lower than the temperature I’d drop in at with my Terp Slurper.  My Dab Rite chirps at 516 and I normally drop my slurper dabs at 480-500F.

The E-Luna was not hot enough at 450F and after a few dab sessions, I settled in at 550F. This temperature allows me to get satisfying vapor on the first inhale and finishes the dab in 3 or 4 good rips.

Running the PID slightly hotter also allows me to turn the nail off and take the dab as the quartz cools down, similar to a traditional torch dab.

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The Luna E-nail coil wraps around the bottom of the banger as well as 6 wraps up the side.

The axial coil heats the bottom of the banger in addition to a full inch of the sidewalls. 

The D-nail PID has 2 switches

The D-Nail PID has two switches on the back. One for overall power to the box, and one that turns the coil off and leaves the temperature sensor and the display screen on.

The D-Nail PID has a 5-pin XLR coil connection

5-Pin XLR Coil Connection

The D-Nail branded PID uses the same 5-pin XLR coil connection as many other e-nails and controllers. The super popular Auber PID from Cannabis Hardware, Old Head, and O’Connell uses the same connection, as does the Disorderly Conduction PIDs and coils. 

Deep Dish Dabbing Experience

Dabbing with the deep dish E-Luna is really nice. I’ve developed a little ritual where I run the nail at 666F, hotter than I would normally dab, with the quartz pillar inside. When I’m ready to dab I’ll flip the switch and turn the power off on the nail. When the temp drops to 550 I drop my dab and set the marble.

By the time the marble is set, the vapor is rolling and I start my inhale. The pillar whizzes and whirrs around inside and moves up and down like a tornado on the horizon. It moves the oil up and down the sidewalls and I love it.

It’s not as great as a torched Terp Slurper experience, but it’s closer to the torched banger experience than any other traditional e-nail has delivered.