Oh man! The weed geekery is strong with this one…

I’ve been using a Jewelers Loupe for years as a handy way to view the microscopic trichome heads and other details of my cannabis nugs, but when it comes to videos and online content the loupe was useless.

With the addition of a $40 USB Microscope (with WIFI), I can capture footage and even include macro nug shots in my live streams and videos!

In the video, I get up-close and personal with a few different strains of California recreational cannabis.

USB Microscope vs Jewelers Loupe

I still use my jewelers loupe more frequently than the microscope. The Microscope is fantastic, and it even connects to my phone via wifi. It has an internal battery and can function for 30 minutes without being plugged in!

However, the Jewelers Loupe is quicker and more convenient – as long as I don’t need to share the view. I can pull the loupe out, flip on the lights, and have an in-focus microscopic view of my trichomes. The microscope setup takes a minute or two, not to mention the slower process of finding the right view and getting the focus turned right.

I love the usb microscope – but for most people, a jewelers loupe will serve you better.