I wanted to compare the grind of the Lift Innovations grinder with the rest to see if the whole “cut vs grind” thing is fact or crap. I learned a few things and have some new appreciation for some of these other grinders now! But in the end, there’s not much difference!

Scientific Methods for this grinder comparison

To make this test as scientific and fair as possible, each grinder will be used in single-direction turns. No back-and-forth grinding. Each grinder will be scored on the number of turns.

To eliminate as many variables as possible. I’ll be using nugs from the same ounce of medical cannabis. Each nug is similar in size, shape, and structure.

Brilliant Cut Grinder

My favorite grinder. It grinds like butter and never needs cleaning. The Brilliant Cut has no threads to gunk up or cross-thread. It uses a unique magnetic design. The Brilliant cut is $75 with a single grind plate, or $125 with all 3. I use the medium grind for everything, including this test.

Santa Cruz Shredder

My 2nd favorite Grinder. The Fluffiest and most perfect grind consistency and a grinder that can go pound for pound without ever needing cleaning. Available in a variety of sizes, but all of the grind consistencies are the same – a nice fluffy medium.

Lift Innovations Grinder

This grinder has a rotating blade instead of moving teeth. It claims to cut, instead of grind. This grinder is $150 and comes with all 3 grind plates. It’s a multi-piece design that is more cumbersome to clean, but it is very easy on the wrists.

Phoenician Engineering Grinder

The Phoenician uses blade-shaped teeth to slice through even the densest and stickiest nugs. I have always loved the external design of the Phoenician, but the kief screen clogs quickly and the grinder itself doesn’t seal air-tight – so if you leave ground weed in the bottom part it will go dry within a day.
(whoops. I failed to get a pic of this grind)

Roiell Herb Mill

Just like grandma, this grinder has no teeth! The top half uses a stainless steel mill with spoke-shaped grooves extending from the center. The lower half is a stainless steel grater that lets the nugs “break apart more naturally”

Puffitup.com FREE GRINDER

This 4pc aluminum grinder comes free with most vape purchases from Puffitup.com. I threw it in the test to make sure there was something at the low end of the grinder scale, but this grinder held its own! AND IT WAS FREE.

SLX Grinder

The SLX grinder is ceramic coated to prevent sticking. The teeth are similar to the Santa Cruz, while the grind is slightly more chunky and inconsistent. This grinder has been growing on me, especially at $59.

Space Case

I had to include the Space Case because it’s such a shame people are still putting this grinder on a pedestal. It looks, feels, and grinds every bit as cheaply as the FREE Trees grinder – but the Space Case cost me $80. The fake space case grinder I snagged from dhgate is identical in every way.

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