The Fury Edge is the latest vaporizer made by Healthy Rips. a company popular for high-quality, ultra-portable and inexpensive dry herb vaporizers such as the Fury 2 and the Fierce. Below I’ll compare the Fury Edge to these and several other popular vapes but first let’s get into some details about the Edge. (Skip to Fury Edge video review)

The Fury Edge is a hybrid convection/conduction dry herb vaporizer, meaning it heats the air flowing through the device as well as the stainless-steel oven. The chamber holds about 0.2 grams of ground herb, each bowl lasting around 10-15 puffs depending on your temperature. One charge of the 2300 mAh battery will easily get you through 5-6 bowls before you have to recharge, which takes less than 90 minutes thanks to the USB-C port upgrade.

The Fury Edge is $150 at Puffitup or Healthy Rips.

The standard mouthpiece is a plastic-protected glass airpath which can be swapped with an accessory adapter (see pictures below). Accessories are plentiful with some potential for customization. Healthy Rips sells a mini water piece ($25), bent glass stem ($15), and a WPA ($12), but there are plenty of other aftermarket options like Sneaky Pete’s Hula Stem or Sidewinder. If you’ve got the cash, the Simrell Collection Vortex with an upcoming adapter will give this vape a lot of class while adding some extra cooling and fluffiness to your vapor.

The Fury Edge is one of the best vapes you can get for $150. If you use my affiliate link, you can choose a free accessory with your purchase. I recommend the glass WPA over the other free accessories.

The Fury Edge is my most recommended dry herb vape. At $150 is sets the bar really high for other budget vapes.

Fury Edge Review Video

What I love about the Fury Edge

  • Quality Vapor
    • The vapor produced by the vape is consistently full and delicious.
    •  The surprisingly powerful convection doesn’t lose heat between hits, making it fully capable of pushing satisfying clouds through a bong. 
  • Ease to use, easy to clean
    • A simple three-button layout, precise temperature control, and a five-minute shutoff make this vape simple, safe, and approachable for all users. 
    • Very quick to heat (typically less than 30 seconds) and uses haptic feedback to let you know when it’s ready to go. 
    • I recommend getting a set of dosing capsules ($15) to easily reload bowls on the go and keep the device clean, but they aren’t necessary.
  • Portable and discreet
    • At 2” x 1” x 3.5” (51.8 x 27.4 x 90.5mm), the Fury Edge fits nicely in your bag or pocket and is easily concealed in your hand while using. 
    • The protective cover keeps the device safe and mostly odor-free while you are out and about.
  • Sleek and Durable
    • The Fury Edge is a very attractive little vape. Sleek and modern, no one is going to give you funny looks for puffing on this thing. 
    • Very solid unibody design made out of a Kirksite alloy. Like I’ve said before about the Fury 2, I’m confident I could run this thing over with my car and it’d be just fine. Still not going to try, unless you ask nicely.


  • The battery is built-in and non-replaceable with no pass-through charging. Expect to replace this vape in 3-5 years.
  • Vapor isn’t quite as cool or tasty as higher-end vapes like the Mighty.


Other than the Mighty (my #1 vape), the Fury Edge gets taken out with me more than any other vape in my collection. It’s so easy to carry and capable of pumping out bowl after bowl of vapor. If it’s your first vape, or you’re just looking for something smaller to carry, the Fury Edge is a great option at $150.

How does the Fury Edge compare to other budget vapes?

Fury Edge next to Fury 2 vaporizer
Fury 2 is only 10% smaller than Fury Edge

Fury Edge vs. Fury 2 – If you’ve seen or used the Fury 2, you’ll quickly notice some similarities with the Edge. In fact, the Edge is almost identical to the Fury 2, but with a few upgrades that make it one of the best vapes available at its price range. At just 10% taller, the battery has a 40% larger capacity and the addition of USB-C reduces charging time significantly. The aluminum oven of the Fury 2 was replaced with a full stainless-steel oven, retaining more heat and delivering smoother, more consistent hits. The Fury 2 quickly became (and has remained) one of my favorite budget vaporizers, and the upgrades the Edge offers are more than worth the extra $40. See my original Fury 2 Review.

PotV One next to Fury Edge vaporizer
Fury Edge has 40% more battery than the ONE

Fury Edge vs. Planet of the Vapes ONE – The POTV One is made by the same manufacturer that makes the Healthy Rips Fury Edge and Fierce, with a few POTV touches. It delivers the same vapor as the Fury 2 and Fury Edge at an even smaller size, and the mouthpiece adapter and accessories maybe look a little nicer than those available for the Edge. It also costs the same as the Fury 2 at $110. However, the ONE still sports micro-USB charging (noticeably slower than USB-C) and 40% less battery capacity – 4-5 bowls max. But if size and concealability are a must, the ONE will deliver the same high-quality vapor with a slightly lower profile. See my POTV ONE Review.

Mighty Vaporizer vs Fury Edge
Mighty Vape is still champ, but look at the size difference!!

Fury Edge vs. Mighty – The Mighty is the #1 rated portable dry herb vape and is twice the price of the Fury Edge. The vapor from the Mighty is fluffier and cooler than the vapor from the Fury 2. The potency is similar, with a slight advantage to the Mighty. The Mighty has more than double the battery capacity and also offers the best user interface of any dry herb vape on the market. The Mighty is $296 with a free stand, WPA, and 4pc grinder with code PUFFEDUP. Here’s my most recent Mighty Review.

Dynavap Vapcap M vs Fury Edge vape
The Vapcap M (in RosiuM) is torch powered while the Fury Edge is battery powered

Fury Edge vs. Dynavap “M” – The Vapcap M is one of the smallest, sleekest dry herb vapes available and it’s also one of the cheapest. Costing a mere $70, it’s my #1 pick for Best Budget Vape. This vape is great for converting from combustion to full-time vaping. However, heating the vape requires a butane torch or an induction heater, and there is certainly a learning curve. Even so, the M has been many people’s first vape, but if you’re looking for precise temp control with no fear of combusting, I would start with the Edge.

Solo 2 by Arizer vs Healthy Rips Fury Edge
The Solo 2 is massive compared to the Fury Edge

Fury Edge vs. Solo 2 – The Solo 2 is one of the most popular dry herb vaporizers available. Arizer Solo 2 vapor is also hybrid conduction/convection like the Fury Edge, but the extraction is significantly slower and more casual in all of the Arizer vapes. Fury Edge has a nicer feeling vapor with more potency while the Solo 2 vapor tastes slightly better and is cooler. The Solo 2 offers the lowest amount of maintenance of any dry herb vape. The Solo 2 is $185. See my Solo 2 Review.

Pax 3 Vaporizer vs Fury Edge
Nearly as small as the Pax 3, the Fury Edge has a much nicer vapor

Fury Edge vs Pax 3 – The Pax 3 is probably the most popular commercial weed vape ever. Its super compact and sleek design makes the vape extremely marketable. Both the Pax 3 and Fury Edge use an internal non-replaceable battery. The Fury Edge has full temp control directly from the device while the Pax 3 requires the user to use their phone for full temp control. The Pax 3 is a full conduction dry herb vape while the Fury Edge utilizes both conduction and convection. The vapor from the Fury Edge is fuller and fluffier throughout the session. Pax vapor is roasty and robust and is usually sipped instead of ripped. At $200 the Pax 3 is $50 more than Fury Edge and only wins in size and warranty. See my Pax 3 Review.

Xvape Starry vs Fury Edge
The Starry is full conduction, more of a Pax killer.

Fury Edge vs Starry – The Fury Edge is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer while the Starry is pure conduction. The vapor from the Fury Edge will feel cloudier and fluffier in your throat and lungs while the Starry produces a more robust and heartier vapor like the Pax. Both devices feature full temperature control, but only the Starry has a removable 18650 battery. The Starry is $89. See my Xvape Starry Review.

Xvape FOG vs Fury Edge
The Xvape FOG is primarily convection without full temperature control

Fury Edge vs Fog – The Fog is another hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer, similar to the Fury Edge, but with more emphasis on the convection. Both vapes produce a similar quality vapor. The Fog features a removable 18650 while the Fury Edge has an internal non-replaceable battery, but the Fog does not have full temperature control. The Fog is $129See my Xvape Fog Review.

Boundless TERA vs Fury Edge
The TERA is considerably bigger and more expensive

Fury Edge vs Boundless TERA – The TERA is a full convection vaporizer with TWO removable batteries. The TERA’s vapor is hotter and thicker than the Fury Edge, as long as you have the lungs to get it pumping. The TERA is my favorite vape for using on a bong, but it’s too big to carry. If you need it in your pocket, get the Fury Edge. Pickup a TERA at Puffitup for $189.