UPDATE: The One has a new lower price of $129!

Planet of the Vapes is one of the biggest online vape stores specializing in dry herb/cannabis devices. You may not find all the weed words on their site, but they’ve been rounding up and selling the best weed vapes for several years.

THE ONE is immediately recognizable as the Fury 2 – one of my absolute favorite ultra-portable dry herb vapes.

‘The One’ and the Fury 2 have a few differences

In the vape demonstration video, I point out each difference and put each of them to the test.

Key Differences

  • The One use an aluminum bowl. The Fury 2 uses a stainless steel bowl. Ok.
  • The One uses a stainless convection heater. The Fury 2 uses a NiChr heater. Alrighty.
  • The One’s glass mouthpieces and accessories don’t reduce bowl size. Fury 2 glass goes into bowl, reduces bowl size. Neat
  • The One vibrates when its ready! Nice! Fury 2 doesn’t. Dam.
  • The One performs flawlessly!

    Planet of the Vapes chose the right vaporizer to put their name on. The vapor from The One is remarkably pleasant with a great blend of potency and fluff.

    The vapor inhale is bright and delicious while the exhale is smooth and cloudy. As expected!

    Glass Accessories
    It’s cool that the glass accessories for The One don’t reduce the bowl size like the others. Not that it’s a complaint… but it’s nice to have the full bowl on the WPA.

    The One is fantastic. So is the Fury 2.
    They each have some slight differences, but You can’t go wrong either way.

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