Best Quartz Enail – Crossing Tech Micro Enail with 30mm Banger + Axial Coil

I’ve been on the hunt for the best quartz enail setup for a few years now. Most cheap enails use low-quality titanium that will rob you of precious terps. The quartz upgrades are usually a small dish on top of a clunky titanium head – not a great experience.

The more parts there are, the less efficient the nail. I want a simple quartz banger with a coil that heats the sides AND the bottom. CrossingTech DELIVERS IT. For $140.

The Crossingtech Quartz Enail uses a 30mm quartz banger with a special ‘pierced nipple’ on the bottom. The heating coil wraps around the sidewalls of the quartz banger several times and coils inwards to also heat the bottom of the banger. A small pin holds the coil and the quartz bucket securely together.

Crossingtech Quartz Enail Video Review

Here’s what I love about this enail
1. Big quartz banger. 30mm is huge. This means it’s flexible enough to use with big pearls, inserts, massive globs, knots, gems.
Quartz = Flavor.
2. The perfect pairing of coil/banger. This shit is a bitch to get right. An ill-fitting coil delivers inconsistent dabs. Crossingtech got it right with the full wrap-around and coil-under.
3. Best PID interface. It looks toyish, but the metal Crossingtech box has the easiest and simplest temp adjustment of any PID controller I’ve used. See the 1:00 mark in the embedded video above for a demonstration.
– Quality Coil, quality banger, quality components from a factory I trust. (They make the Saionara)

Crossingtech Quartz Enail
The CrossingTech Quartz Enail includes a 30mm quartz banger, insert, bubble cap, coil, controller, pin (not sure why pin in picture is mangled), wall cord

Where to buy the Crossingtech Quartz Enail
You can find the CrossingTech Enail bundle with the 30mm quartz ebanger at DivineTribe for $140!