Healthy Rips Fury 2 Review – Now Only $110

Last update: July 22, 2019
Healthy Rips has further dropped the price of the Fury 2 to $109!! That’s the lowest price I’ve ever seen on this dry herb vape. It’s even cheaper than the Black Friday and 4/20 deals.
Dec 2019 Update: My Fury 2 continues to impress. I’ve been comparing it with several other weed vapes and the Fury 2 is hard to beat at $140. The price has dropped $10!!

Fury 2 Review: Cliffs Notes:

The Fury 2 is an enticing vape at $109. It’s TINY and powerful. It produces MORE and BETTER vapor than any of the other cheap dry herb vaporizers.
The Fury 2 is a GREAT budget-friendly weed vape for anyone looking for quality without going broke. The Fury 2 is powerful enough to vape through a bong and pull giant clouds.
This vape is a great value. I like using the WPA as the mouthpiece when I’m not carrying it outside of the house.
You can pick it up for $109 from Healthy Rips and get a free WPA or 109 from Puffitup and get a free grinder. (WPA is $10).

The Fury 2, by Healthy Rips, is an ultra-portable dry herb vape. It’s advertised as convection, but it’s actually a hybrid. This means the bowl heats up AND the air intake is heated. Hybrid heating produces more vapor, more quickly, and is often voted the most preferred heating method.

Fury 2 ultra portable cannabis vaporizer in hand
The Fury 2 – ultraportable dry herb vaporizer

The Fury 2 is small – 2″ by 3″ by 1″. Very easy to conceal. The body is a metal alloy unibody and very rigid. I’m confident I could drive my car over it, but I’m not going to try.

The dry herb oven is stainless steel and holds .08 to .15 of medium ground cannabis. The size of the oven is perfect. Small enough for micro-dosing, but big enough to get me into a respectable orbit.

The included water pipe adapter reduces the bowl size slightly, but also increases the convection and improves vapor flavor. The WPA also makes a great mouthpiece – although it’s not very portable due to the glass fitting.

The vapor from the Fury 2 is surprisingly good. It’s not as great as the higher-priced Mighty, but at half the price it shouldn’t be expected to.

The first 4 or 5 hits are usually terpy and fresh. A bowl will produce 15+ hits if you decide to extract that far (depending on temperature.)

The battery charges via micro USB. It is NOT user-replaceable. I’ve been getting about 5 or 6 bowls per charge with daily use.

I’ve been pretty happy with the Fury 2. I think it would be a great vape for a someone looking for their first weed vape, or even a vape geek looking for a portable micro-dosing-machine.

The Fury 2 is available at for $109.

Fury 2 / Size & Build Quality

I like the size of the Fury 2. It’s a bit thicker than other vapes, so it has a round-ish plump to it. It carries very well. The metallic unibody is rigid and heavy. It is coated with a soft plastic that is durable and grippy. The mouthpiece is plastic with a glass insert. The mouthpiece is the cheapest feeling part of the vape.

Fury 2 Temperatures & Interface

The Fury 2 temp range is 320 to 430. It produces even and tasty vapor at all temps. The interface is the typical 3-click power on with a temp up and down button to set the temp. The Fury 2 display screen shows you the set temp as well as an accurate battery indicator. There is also a countdown for the last 2 minutes of the session.

Fury 2 Vapor

The vapor is where the Fury 2 really blossoms. The ratio of conduction and convection is great. The first several minutes of a bowl is bright and flavorful. The vapor is moderately potent and overall very fulfilling and satisfying. I usually vape 2 sessions on one bowl. The 2nd session isn’t as flavorful and it starts to get dry and harsh, but there are still cannabinoids to be extracted.

With the WPA, the glass stem fits into the bowl and displaces some of the precious bowl space. There is an XL WPA available if this bothers you. It makes a great microdose.

Fury 2 with Concentrates & Wax

The original Fury 2 came with a quartz cup for vaping wax and concentrates. Since the release of my Healthy Rips Fury 2 Review, they’ve updated the product and replaced the quartz insert with stainless steel mesh pads.

The stainless steel mesh pad inserts directly into the Fury 2 bowl and gives the Fury 2 the ability to vape wax and other cannabis concentrates. The mesh pad that is now included with the Fury 2 acts like a sponge inside the oven. The wax/oil melts into the pad and vaporizes as you draw air through it.

Previously the Fury 2 kinda sucked for dabs and concentrates, but with the updated mesh pads the Fury 2 is great at vaping wax and concentrates.

Fury 2 vs Starry – The Fury 2 is a hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer while the Starry is pure conduction. The vapor from the Fury 2 will feel more cloudy and fluffy in your throat and lungs while the Starry produces a more robust and hearty vapor. Both devices feature full temperature control, but only the Starry has a removable 18650 battery. The Starry is $89. The Fury is $109. See my Xvape Starry Review

Fury 2 vs Fog – The Fog is another hybrid conduction/convection vaporizer, similar to the Fury 2. Both vapes produce a similar vapor. The Fog may be slightly more convection than the Fury 2 but the difference is very subtle. The Fog features a removable 18650 while the Fury 2 has an internal non-replaceable battery, but the Fog does not have full temperature control. The Fog is $129 and the Fury 2 is $109. See my Xvape Fog Review.

Fury 2 vs Mighty – The Mighty is the #1 rated portable dry herb vape and is $200 more than the Fury 2. The vapor from the Mighty is more fluffy and cool than the vapor from the Fury 2. The potency is similar, with a slight advantage to the Mighty. The Mighty has more than double the battery capacity and also offers the best user interface of any dry herb vape on the market.
The Mighty is $296 with a free stand, WPA, and 4pc grinder with code PUFFEDUP.

Fury 2 vs Solo 2 – The Solo 2 is one of the most popular dry herb vapes available. Arizer Solo 2 vapor is also hybrid conduction/convection like the Fury 2, but the extraction is slower and more casual in all of the Arizer vapes. Fury 2 has a nicer feeling vapor with more potency while the Solo 2 vapor tastes nicer and is cooler. The Solo 2 offers the lowest amount of maintenance of any dry herb vape. The Solo 2 is $190

Fury 2 vs Pax 3 – The Pax 3 is probably the most popular weed vape ever. It’s super compact design makes the vape extremely marketable. Both the Pax 3 and Fury 2 use an internal non-replaceable battery. The Fury 2 has full temp control directly from the device while the Pax 3 requires the user to use their phone for full temp control. The Pax 3 is a full conduction dry herb vape while the Fury 2 utilizes both conduction and convection. The vapor from the Fury 2 is more full and fluffy throughout the session. Pax vapor is robust and roasty and is usually sipped instead of ripped. The Pax 3 is $50 more than the Fury 2 and only beats the Fury 2 in size and warranty.

Fury 2 vs CFX – The Boundless CFX was a gamechanger for budget vapes. The CFX has a much larger bowl than the Fury 2. The Fury 2 will hold ~.1g of dry herb while the CFX will hold upwards of .3g. The larger bowl and resulting in larger amounts of vapor from the CFX make it geared more towards sharing and group sessions while the Fury 2 is better for smaller amounts and solo sessions.

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8 thoughts on “Healthy Rips Fury 2 Review – Now Only $110”

  1. it truly is worth investing in the fury 2. everything you say is true and i really appreciate the info about the water pipe adapter. the whole sess becomes less fussy. speaking of fussy, my dv iq broke. as i sort through the channels of getting it repaired the fury 2 and the vapcap have been my best friends. so thanks again for the great work you do.

  2. Hey man! I love your videos and reviews. I was just wondering if you could help me out. I need something a little more discreet than my extreme Q and my dynavap since my kids are getting older. I want close to on demand while still maintaining quality. Obviously the mighty would be best for this but I can’t afford that beast. I am currently leaning towards a HR fury 2 since it’s more in my price range. My question to you would be, do you think the fury 2 would be the best alternative to a mighty for my situation? Thanks in adavance!

  3. Had this thing for about a month, tab that holds mouthpiece snapped off making the whole thing a paperweight, their customer support indicated it is my fault this occurred and asked for money for a replacement piece, and offered money for promoting their products as well as I interact with some folks who invest in the cannabis sector, what a shit show. Worse customer service I have had in years….

    Stay away from this hot piece of garbage

  4. Got the Fury II two weeks ago, Have played with it over the two weeks. Here are the things I like and don’t like.

    #1. Amount of product I used during that time to normal, Wow using about a 1/3 of what was using before.
    #2. The effects I get from the smoke, Just a little better buzz (realizing two for one with hits, two off vap = one off joint)
    #3. Clean up. A little ritual need after each use. ( no different than what you would want to do with a pipe, no more effort than it takes to roll)

    These are the things I like about it. Clean up I almost left that out of like, but I do weird huh !

    #1. No clouds, I have gone thought all the temp, nothing. I have been using just one type of product may be that’s it (have read can make big difference).
    #2. A little to warm for my taste. (got bubble does real good job of cooling down and again only .12 grams per bowl ((makes that product last even longer))
    #3. Not getting the amount of hit they say getting per bow. ( I’m getting about 7-8 hits per bow ((not even one session))

    These are the things I dislike.

    What I think about it so far, Love it. (Cut why back on product use. Getting just as high off a whole lot less product. Can tell the effect of vapor, not coughing, no bad tastes, easier to smoke) Whole lot less product (can’t get over how much less I using and still getting same effect) Clouds ,who cares (maybe when I change product that will change) Getting more than what I was expecting. (great high, less product, easier to smoke((whole lot better feeling on lungs)) Who cares about clouds.

  5. The Fury2 works great, for a month or 2…I bought one in May of this year, i liked it so much, efficient, inexpensive, good taste, etc. that I bought a 2nd one because I got tired of forgetting to charge the battery. So I had one charging, one being used. Everything was great. About 2 mos later the one’s mouthpiece started getting loose and coming off. then about a month after that the 2nd Fury2 also started having loose mouth piece. Now it is 6mos since I bought 2 of these and both have a mouthpiece that falls off when it feels like it. They offer full replacement warranty the first year…sure, try to claim that on a mouthpiece made out of plastic. “Sorry our warranty does not cover customer damage or accessories like the mouthpiece.” $20 every 3-6mos for a new mouthpiece on a $119 vaporizor. Nice deal Healthy Rips, for you. I wouldn’t deal with this company or buy this product.


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