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Mighty Vaporizer Review – STILL THE BEST

October 1, 2018. Hard to believe the Mighty vaporizer is STILL the best dry herb vape on the market. There are a few vapes more powerful, and a few with better vapor.  But the Mighty is still the best dry herb vaporizer available. (Now available for $296 with freebies after coupon code PUFFEDUP!)

Mighty Vape Review Video

The Mighty is a portable dry herb vaporizer made by Storz & Bickel – the same company who makes the famed and absolutely fabulous Volcano vaporizer. The Mighty vaporizer came out in October 2014, but it is STILL one of the absolute best portable cannabis vaporizers on the market.

The Mighty vaporizer includes:

  •  an AC power adapter/charger
  • a liquid/concentrate pad
  • 3 extra screens
  • cleaning brush
  • two-piece plastic grinder
  • a filling funnel contraption
  • a set of spare o-rings

How to use the Mighty vaporizer

Simply twist the top cap to open it up and reveal the bowl. Load a pinch of your dry herb into the bowl. The bowl holds as little as .05g and as much as .2g but works best with about .15g of medium ground cannabis. Replace the top cap by lining up the screen and the bowl and giving it a clockwise twist. Turn the Mighty on, set your temp, go to town.

The Mighty vaporizer is so simple, yet so powerful and so perfect. It’s my friend.

The Mighty is a high powered vape packed with two internal lithium-ion batteries. The Mighty uses a patented heater technology that blends convection heating with a conduction bowl.  This hybrid heating is ideal for quick heat-up time and powerful vapor.

Adjust your vape temp and customize your high with the easy to use controls

The Mighty vaporizer will produce 8-15 good hits over a 3-6 minute session.

Why the Mighty is the BEST dry herb vape available

The Mighty is a portable powerhouse. It is dead simple to use and it will vape bowl after bowl after bowl without backing down. German engineering gave us their finest with this one. The cooling unit mouthpiece turns the vapor into a cool fluffy floof that tastes terpy and wonderful going in and feels satisfying and smooth on the exhale.

There’s no nonsense about it. Easy to use. Amazing vapor. Gets you crazy high off tiny amounts of weed. My best friend. You can have a friend too for $296 after code PUFFEDUP

The bowl of the Mighty is actually bowl-shaped – making it one of the easiest dry herb vapes to unload when you’re done vaping. It’s also the quickest to reload.

Mighty Build Quality
The body of the vaporizer is rugged plastic. It almost feels like a tactical flashlight or something. It’s solid and heavy, but it’s still plastic. With constant usage, certain areas of the vaporizer may become slightly more fragile than the rest – but reports of significant damage are still infrequent.

The mouthpiece and the vapor path is plastic, but the vapor doesn’t have any plastic taste or smell.

The two batteries will provide power for about 8-12 sessions, depending on how hot and hard you vape.


The Mighty vaporizer heats up in about a minute.

How to use the Mighty Vaporizer
Pop the top off and pack the chamber with your favorite herbs. The herb chamber of the Mighty is wide and shallow, holding .15 grams of your favorite greens with a semi-loose pack. The nice thing about the Mighty is it works really well no matter how coarse or fine you grind, as well as how full or empty the chamber is. Finer grinds will produce more dense clouds but will taste bitter towards the end. Courser grinds will be more consistent throughout the session. The herb chamber is wide enough to pinch and fill with your fingers unless you have banana hands.

The filling aid is neat, it latches onto the chamber (with the top/cooling unit removed) and allows you to shimmy and shake the herb into the bowl without actually touching it. It does a nice job of filling the chamber evenly without overpacking it. The filling tool itself can also store your already ground material, which is pretty handy. It seemed gimmicky at first, but it comes in really handy when you want to fill without a spill.

Turn the unit on by holding the power button (on the side) for a couple seconds. The unit will immediately begin heating to the set temperature. The Mighty has built-in memory to save your previously used temperature setting. Temperature is adjusted via the easy to use UP and DOWN arrow buttons next to the LCD screen.

With normal cannabis vaping temps, the heating time of the Mighty vaporizer is 1.5 to 2 minutes. When the desired temperature is achieved, the Mighty will vibrate to let you know. The Mighty was one of the first, if not the first, to have this feature.

Upkeep, Cleaning & Maintenance
With daily use, a quick brushing of ABV from the chamber and screens IMMEDIATELY after each use is highly recommended. Get it wiped out while it’s still hot, otherwise, it becomes harder to clean. About every week or two of daily use, you’ll need to do a deeper cleaning. The cooling unit comes apart and is relatively easy to clean – but it can be a bit cumbersome if you don’t know the shortcuts. There’s a few different rubber ring seals to deal with, as well as the screens. When deep cleaning, you’ll be dealing with a minimum of 4 parts, 7 if you remove the o-rings to clean them. As always, iso alcohol will come in handy – along with Q tips, paper towels, and for this unit – bendable pipe cleaners and an ISO container large enough to give the cooling unit a quick.

Unloading and re-packing the Mighty is pretty quick, 30 seconds or less. Deep cleaning takes about 10 minutes, longer if you need to soak your screens. Chances are, you'll need to soak your screens :)

Unloading and re-packing the Mighty is pretty quick, 30 seconds or less.
Deep cleaning takes about 10 minutes, longer if you need to soak your screens. Chances are, you’ll need to soak your screens 🙂

What I like about the Mighty
– mostly convection, for maximum efficiency. .1g of cannabis can go a long way
– looks awesome, feels awesome
– plenty of battery life
– can be used WHILE charging
– digital temp display
– herb chamber wide enough to load with fingers
– quick and easy reload/repack
– 2-year warranty

What I do NOT like about the Mighty
– plastic mouthpiece and vapor path
– batteries aren’t user replaceable
– the base of the unit isn’t flat, so it barely stands up on its own on a perfectly flat surface
– the unit turns OFF after 2 minutes unless you press a button or draw hard enough to make the chamber temperature drop. This is only a problem if you take long breaks between pulls.

The Mighty is a great vape with amazing vapor quality. It’s a bit on the BIG side, so it may not be a perfect pocket portable for everyone. But, I actually like the size. It’s great for passing around. I use mine mostly on the couch in the family room – where a desktop vaporizer wouldn’t be acceptable. I already carry a giant Note 4, the Mighty is fine in my pocket. The battery life is really really good. If the unit had a flat base and a glass mouthpiece, it would likely be the best vape ever. It’s priced at $400, but keep in mind it performs similarly to desktop vaporizers in the same price range.

Where to buy the Mighty
NOT AT YOUR DISPENSARY! And NOT EBAY or Craigslist either. The Mighty vaporizer has been cloned by Chinese counterfeiters. These units look very much like the real thing, including the packaging and accessories. However they do NOT perform, and the materials used inside are certainly not held to the same standard that Storz & Bickel uses. Any money you save buying a fake could turn into an expensive medical bill after years of inhaling Chinese leaded plastic fumes 😛

Buy your Mighty vaporizer from a trusted retailer, like PuffItUp.com
They have the cheapest price, their customer service is fantastic, and they include a free 2.25″ 4-piece metal grinder. Tell Randy we sent you and you might even get a virtual high-five or something.

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  • Ron September 15, 2018, 4:58 pm

    Howdy, Troy–

    So, you talked me into it. I’d resisted the Mighty, mostly because of too much plastic, non-replaceable batteries, and just plain fugly aesthetics. But so many emphatic recommendations, especially yours, convinced me.

    I am impressed, for all the reasons you spell out. But I do have one complaint, and I’m wondering if you have any insights. That is, the auto shut-off is beyond annoying. Mine shuts down at random times, when it’s in active use, suggesting the draw sensor isn’t detecting use at times.

    I’m not just sipping at it. I bought it hoping for a similar experience to my Silver Surfer–that is, I like big clouds, so I take big pulls. Still, even after the warning vibrations start, I can’t keep if from shutting down just by drawing.

    I’ve tried timing it to see if the sensor just doesn’t work at all, but it seems to be intermittent. If I truly leave the unit alone while it’s one, it shuts off predictably at two minutes. In use, it might shut down after three or four minutes, or not at all.

    I see on Fuckcombustion that others have had similar experiences, but no one had any solutions other than pushing a button (I know, that’s not a big deal, but it is irritating, which runs contrary to the goals of a session). Do you have any suggestions?

    Happy Trails,

    • Troy September 21, 2018, 8:52 pm

      Hey Ron! Congrats on the Mighty, I hope you’re still satisfied despite the odd turn-off thing. For what its worth, my new Mighty is exactly like yours. I’ve given up on draw sensor and just hit the button now, but I’m wondering if the device senses rapid cooldown of the oven rather than actual draw.

      • Ron September 30, 2018, 3:45 pm

        Hey, Troy–
        Two weeks in, and I’m loving the Mighty. I’m totally over my initial frustration with the auto shut-off. Somewhere you suggested that the draw detection trigger is a five-degree drop below the set temp, and that seems to be spot-on. I have been able to prevent shut-downs with a hard pull (I must not have tried hard enough earlier) after the warning vibrations start. My draw style has adapted to the unit, and it almost never reaches shut-down mode in active use.

        Thanks for the recommendation,
        Happy Trails,

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