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Pax 3 Review – Is the Pax 3 Worth It?

The Pax is a well-known device and the Pax 3 has been out for more than a year now. In this video I follow up on my initial Pax 3 Review and re-review it after a year of heavy use.

Where Can I Buy A Pax 3?

The Pax 3 is available directly from Pax for $200 Pax stands behind their vaporizers with a 10 year warranty.

Pax 3 is also available at Puffitup and PoTV

Is The Pax 3 Worth It?

Pax 3 Everyday Carry – There are very few vapes that are as compact and easy to operate with one hand. If you’re on the go the Pax 3 will definitely serve you well.

Pax 3 Battery Life – The Pax 3 has about 17% more battery life compared to the previous generation: Pax 2. I’ve been getting about 6-10 bowls per charge depending on how high of a temp I use.

Pax 3 Heat up Time – The unit heats up within about 30 seconds of turning on. I’m pretty happy with the heat up time.

Pax 3 Vapor Quality – The Pax 3 isn’t the vape connoisseurs’ vaporizer. With vaporizers there’s always some kind of trade-off. Some vaporizers will have amazing battery life, and amazing tasting vapor quality, but be the size of an ipad mini in your pocket. The Pax 3 has amazing battery life, is super compact, but the vapor quality is… alright. It’s definitely better than smoking weed. It’s better than the vape pens or Snoop Dogg vape pens out there, like a lot better, but it’s the one area I feel the vape kind of falls short.

The Pax 3 remains a great choice for ultra-portability and simplicity. It’s easy to use and could even be powered on and vaped using one hand. It’s also bulletproof! I’ve ran mine through the dryer several times now and it still works fine. With the 10 year warranty and the reputation of being a reliable vaporizer you can’t go wrong with the Pax 3.

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