Pax 3 Temperature Settings Compared – Pax Temp Guide

If you’ve watched my Pax 3 Review video then you know how thoroughly I like to test vaporizers. I wasn’t satisfied with the standard battery of tests so I put the Pax 3 through a gauntlet of tests. I compared Pax 2 vs Pax 3 heat up times, tested the best grind for the Pax 3, and even modified the Pax 3 into a Dab Rig!

Pax Vape Temp Testing

What temperature is the best for the Pax 3? To find out the best temp for the Pax I decided to vape a bowl at each temp setting all in one sitting. That’s right, you’re about to see me get progressively more stoned as I vape 4 bowls in a row through the Pax 3 and report my findings. Enjoy!

Pax 3 Temperature Settings

The Pax 3 has four temp settings. Each Pax 3 heat setting increases in temperature 20 degrees farhenheit.:

  • Pax 3 Temp 1 = 360
  • Pax 3 Temp 2 = 380
  • Pax 3 Temp 3 = 400
  • Pax 3 Temp 4 = 420


What’s The Best Temp For The Pax 3?

To get the absolute best flavors and the most vapor possible, start at the lowest temp setting and vape until the flavor is mostly gone, or on its way out. Bump up to the second Pax heat setting and continue vaping. Continue increasing the Pax temperature until the flavor is gone at the 4th setting. This is called “Temp Stepping”.

Pax 3 Temp 1 (360F) – The first session was pretty underwhelming. Although it had a couple good hits, I didn’t quite get the flavor I was looking for. ABV at the end of the session still had some flavor and life left. The lower temp setting of the Pax is good for more flavor but less impact. The lower temperature cannabinoids also tend to produce a headier high than the high temps.

Pax 3 Temp 2 (380) – The second temp setting was a lot better. The last hit was just as flavorful as the first hit. Like the first bowl there was a lot of life left in the ABV. I could probably vape this bowl again at this same temp setting.

Pax 3 Temp 3 (400) – The third session was by far the most flavorful Pax temperature! The ABV was thoroughly spent, there was no green left in the ABV. This was by far the best tasting bowl out of the 4 bowls I vaped. Use this Pax temperature to maximize flavor and vapor in a single 10-minute session.

Pax 3 Temp 4 (420) – The start of the 4th session had some really good hits. The first hit at the 4th Pax temp was probably the best tasting of the entire video. While the first few hits at this temp were fantastic, the session went downhill pretty fast. By the end of the session the vapor was harsh and bitter tasting. The ABV was overspent and extremely brown.

Conclusion: Temps 1 and 2 left some green in the ABV. Temp 3 was my favorite experience by far. Temp 4 had a few amazing hits but wasn’t very enjoyable overall.

For the best Pax vapor experience, I would recommend vaping on the 3rd Pax Temp. Before the session ends, bump up to temp 4 for a couple hits to finish the bowl.

Items Used In The Video

4x Bowls of Strawberry OG from Space Monkey Meds
1x Scoop Tool – Delta 3D Studios
1x Pax 3 WPA – Delta 3D Studios
1x Grinder: SuperWeapon II
1x Pax 3
1x Bong

6 thoughts on “Pax 3 Temperature Settings Compared – Pax Temp Guide”

  1. I love how great this video is .. very real and very honest video. And I found myself laughing so much at the comedy.

  2. I’ve noticed a vast amount of false ideas out there about vaping temperature, largely promulgated by cannabis web sites that need a new article every day.

    Years ago, someone compiled a table of all the boiling points of various components of cannabis flower. They then made the entirely unsupported assumption that you could set a vaporizer temperature at that number and then only receive the components with equal or lower boiling points. But that ignores the fact that you are heating a piece of plant that has innumerable different components.

    I happened to come across one article that links a number of scientific studies, and they came to the conclusion that you demonstrate – that lower temperatures are just inefficient. The studies came to the conclusion that 410 F was optimal (right in between the two setting that work best for you on the PAX3).

    So, the point was that if you want to “not combust sleep-inducing components that have higher boiling points”, then you are much better off getting some Sativa that already has lower amounts of those components.

    Yes, I have experienced the same thing as you, that if you use lower temperatures, you have to vape the bowl over and over again – because – the temperature is too low for best use.

    The “experience of users” when they do that is that they get less heavily stoned – and so less “couch-lock” – because the low temperature leaves the THC in the bowl. 🙂 So, that seems to validate the myth that the temperatures can work to change the composition of a hit, rather than just the strength.

  3. I think there would’ve been better results and more accuracy with a fresh pack (same strain), pallet, and separate sessions for each temp test. Good details of the experience! Thanks for sharing


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