Healthy Rips added a bunch of new accessories to their line-up. They sent me a few new toys and I show them off in this video.

New Fury 2 Accessories:
– XL WPA (holds slightly more cannabis than normal WPA)
– Glass Bent Mouthpiece – Great accessory. Makes the Fury 2 super low maintenance and improves vapor experience. LOVE this glass.
– micro bubbler – Another great toy. This is great for at the desk or around the house. Uses very little water. Cools vapor and adds a tiny amount of moisture

Healthy Rips also took note of my only negative in the Fury 2 review video – the concentrate cup. The cup sucked, so they replaced it with some perfectly fitted stainless steel pads. The pads work great! I demo the pads in the video, of course 😉

The Fury 2 and all of the accessories used in the video are available at Healthy Rips.

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