This video had 150,000 views before it was deleted from Youtube – a shame.

The Pax Era is a $20 oil pen that uses pre-filled pods. The pods are filled with distillate and come in a variety of strains and blends from a handful of oil providers. Each state has different oil producers. In this video I used Bloom Farms pods. This company has since gone to shit.

The Pax Era is a great device, but the pods are pricey. The oil fillers in southern california are no longer reliable.

I picked up my Era from Eaze. That link will get you $20 in free weed.
You can also buy the Era directly from Pax. If you would like to add an engraving to your Era it will run you an extra $10.

Pros of The Pax Era

  • Super compact design
  • Battery Indicator – shake it to find out how much battery you have left
  • Micro USB charger
  • Affordable Price Point
  • Unbelievably Tasty
  • Builtin games included
  • Adding the pax to the app is very easy
  • Pax Era works with the Delta3D Pax 3 WPA
  • Pax customer service was flawless at handling my warranty claim

Cons of The Pax Era

  • Finding Pax Era replacement cartridges can sometimes be challenging
  • Flavor isn’t very appealing at the highest temp
  • Can be activated in your pocket if the cartridge is left in the unit

How to Set Pax Era Temperature

At 7:27-7:49 I explain how to set the temperature of the Pax Era. It’s pretty straight forward and easy to do:

1) shake to bring the battery to life
2) pull the battery out
3) let the unit cycle to the desired temp
4) stick the cartridge back in to lock in the desired temp

How to Add The Pax Era to the Pax App

At 8:21-8:36 I demonstrate how to add the Era to the Pax App

1) Launch the Pax App
2) Tap add the deivce
3) Shake the Era when prompted
4) enjoy!