In the debut episode of Getting High With Vapes, I heavily demonstrate how to get high as shit with a few popular weed vaporizers. Dry herb and cannabis vaporizers are so uncommon that most stoners are completely unfamiliar with them. Youtube has deleted all the best cannabis content – including my own channel.

The original video had 19,000 views at the time of deletion.

I kicked off this video with the 7th Floor Lifesaber, or LSV for short. The 7th Floor LSV is a full convection, plug-in weed vape. It utilizes a ceramic heating rod and a full-glass vapor path. The LSV is one of the most powerful convection vapes available; however, it has a learning curve.

Around the 10:00 mark I set down the LSV and switch to the RBT Milaana. The Milaana is an unregulated battery powered vape. There’s no actual electronics, just the heater and a circuit. The wooden body and glass vapor path coupled with super powerful convection heater make the Milaana one of my favorite weed vapes. It’s available at RBT Store.

At the 20 minute mark I bail on the Milaana and pack up the Starry. I’m already balls high at this point, but I started with 3 vapes and momma didn’t raise no quitter. The Starry is full conduction, which means you pack your weed in the bowl and the bowl heats up your weed. Nothing fancy. It’s simple, effective, and ultra portable. The Starry is available for $99 with a free tightvac weed storage container AND a free grinder. Killer deal. The Starry has full temp control and better vapor than most conduction vapes. It’s considerably better than the Pax 3.

At the 32 minutes I decide to pack another fat bowl in the LSV. Unbelievable.