The G-Pen GIO is an ultra-slim oil pen. The prefilled pods are .5g. I purchased both pods and the device from Eaze, a cannabis delivery service in California. If you don’t have prefilled pods, something like the Puffco Proxy Vape might be another option for you

I’ve used a few devices like this, with the most popular and reliable being the Pax Era. In terms of the device itself, the G-pen GIO is more rugged and heavier than the Pax Era, Vivant NOMAD, Kandypens Rubi, and the Stiiizy. The GIO does not have any temperature settings – it’s a simple 180mAh battery with a built-in micro-USB charging port.

Given the simplicity of the product, I shot this video while also LIVE on instagram. I had such a good time that I think I’ll continue doing videos this way.

I would like to point out the complaints in the video were specific to the oil in the pods. These pods were filled by State Wellness. There are other oil providers available. I will make an effort to acquire other oils to test the G-Pen GIO with.

Right now I feel confident with the device, but the 2 pods I have are just not good enough to continue testing with. This quality of oil should NOT be $30 for .5g.

Update – Herbology filled Gpen GIO Pods

Herbology saw the live review on Instagram and contacted me to rush me some of their oil pods. They felt so confident enough in the quality of their oil to personally deliver a sampling of their product. They dropped in the morning of the First Annual 420Vapezone BBQ and even brought devices and oil pods for VaporizerWizard. Nice gesture!

Please see the updated video review of the Gpen GIO with the Herbology pods.