Passthrough charging is the glorious feature that allows you to plug your completely dead device into the charger and use it immediately – while it charges on the charger. The key difference is the ability use it while it charges, not just using it while plugged into the charger.

Several products have made false claims of pass-through charging, so I decided to put the Dr. Dabber Switch to the test.

Does the Dr Dabber Switch have Passthrough Charging

Well, it’s complicated. The Dr. Dabber Switch requires slightly more juice than the charger provides. However, if you give it a minute to build up some charge you will be ready for a plugged-in marathon session.

The video below demonstrates my pass-through charging test.

For the test, I used the Dr. Dabber Switch as my daily dab rig until the battery became completely drained.

I confirmed that the Switch will not power through a dab at any temperature.

After plugging in the charger, I immediately hit the GO button. The Switch is NOT able to power through the dab.

I gave the Switch another minute to charge and it worked up enough charge to power through a dab (and several more).

It doesn’t really matter

The Switch is incredibly efficient in terms of battery usage. While it may not have the truest form of pass-through charging, the charging speed is very close to the consumption rate of a dab’s heat-up cycle. This essentially means you’d need to be heating it up more than 50% of the time in order to drain the battery and exploit this minor weakness.

In realistic terms and real-world usage, the Switch has enough pass-through charging to pass the dab-test.