Last week I reviewed the Gpen GIO with STATE Wellness brand cannabis oil. It was a bit of a disappointment as the State brand oil just didn’t taste right to me. I ended up not getting high and aborting the review.

Herbology is another oil company based in LA. They saw the review and immediately connected with me and hooked me up with several of their pods. They even drove more than an hour to my house to personally deliver.

I’ve now tried 7 different strains from Herbology and all have been great.

Herbology vs State There’s no comparison in my opinion. The Herbology oil is clean and fresh tasting. The terpenes are naturally derived and the flavors I’ve sampled are true to strain. They brought a variety of pods to sample. So far they’ve all been fantastic.

Herbology Gio Pod – Strawyberry Mint 1:1 CBD:THC
This pod is one of the tastiest CBD products I’ve used. The flavor it crisp and tasty. There’s no hint of earth or chemical. After 5 or 6 draws with the 1:1 CBD I feel great. The CBD oil in the Herbology products are VERY good. The effects from the CBD are noticable

Herbology Gio Pod – Purple Grapefruit
I don’t think I’ve been this pleased by a prefilled pod since the Pax Era came out. This is some of the best tasting pre-filled vapor I’ve encountered. It’s not overly bright and fruity like some carts. The Purple Grapefruit GIO pod uses cannabis-derived terpenes.

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