Firewood 5 – First look at the latest artisan vape from Firewood


Update 9/27/18 – I’ve created a full review and video of the Firewood 5.

Firewood Vapes is an artisan vaporizer company specializing in handmade wooden bodied portable weed vapes. The Firewood 5 is the latest iteration of Marc’s flagship product.

The Firewood 5 is now completely on-demand, while previous versions were technically session vapes with draw-sensing technology.

I was one of first to receive and review the Firewood 4 and Marc has graciously sent over the newest Firewood 5 for me to play with and review.

The Firewood 5 boasts a FIVE BOWL magazine for ultimate on-the-go portability. It still uses an easily replaceable 18650 battery.

It fits wonderfully in the hand and pocket and I’m incredibly excited to show it off.

The Firewood 5 is available NOW at The Firewood 5 will likely be in high demand and sell out frequently. It’s a hand-made vape and the creator can only make so many per week. You’ll need to check the site daily to catch them in stock as they’ll sell out immediately.

8 thoughts on “Firewood 5 – First look at the latest artisan vape from Firewood”

  1. Could you do a video review of this vape please? I’d like to see it in use and learn more about how it works.

  2. thanks for all your great! videos troy, you are a natural. i am not really passing a lot of my time checking out vape videos, but yours are truly fun. you have serious editing skills too. i just get a bit sad i dont live in california whenever i am watching them..
    i am very much looking forward to your review of this firewood. and how it will compare to other convection vapes, milaana in particular, and of course, the allmighty mighty.
    thanks again!


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