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Davinci IQ Review – 1 year later – How has the IQ held up?

I beat the hell out of my weed vapes and the Davinci IQ has survived more abuse than almost all of my other vapes. In this video I highlight quirks mentioned in the original review and address how those issues persisted after 12 months of testing. I also go over points of wear and tear on the vape and provide some tips on how to keep the Davinci IQ running smooth.

Where Can I Buy The Davinci IQ?

The Davinci IQ is available for $279 at Davinci. It’s also available at Puffitup and PlanetoftheVapes.

Davinci IQ Review Update

After a year of daily use here are some of the issues I’ve encountered and how the vape has held up:

Cleaning – In my original review I had mentioned a brown discoloration on the bowl. After a year of heavy use this has unfortunately gotten worse. This isn’t an isolated issue either. It’s worth noting that this hasn’t really affected performance, it’s just more of an annoyance.

Point of Failure – This section could be combined under cleaning, but I wanted to highlight this specific part of the vape. Not only is it prone to getting clogged, but it’s also fairly challenging to clean. Over time the reclaim tends to build up and harden at this spot.

Mouthpieces – I’ve unfortunately lost the flat mouthpiece. It was bound to happen as every time I would try to change the battery, remove the flavor chamber, or the stir stick that sucker would pop out. One fateful day it popped out and fell clean into a street vent.

Flavor Chamber – I’ve tried sticking everything I could think of inside the flavor chamber: lavender, herbs, weed. In the end, it was too much effort to clean vs the benefits of flavor enhancement.

LEDs – After a year of heavy use some of the LEDs on my device have unfortunately started to fade out.

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  • Mary August 27, 2018, 12:49 pm

    You’re hilarious! Your videos are helpful and fun at the same time! I appreciate your work you’re very good at this

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