The Pax Press, or more accurately – the Vape Press by HighbridInnovations is a handy T-press that smooshes your weed into pre-shaped pucks that fit perfectly into the Pax 3 oven.

What Does The Pax Press Do?

The Pax Press allows you to make a few pucks in the morning and just carry them in a matchbox. Instead of carrying nugs and grinders, or a container of ground material. This makes the Pax 3 even more portable.

I used too high of a temperature in this video and I also packed the big puck far too thick.

Does The Pax Press Work?

The Pax Press works best with about .5g and it doesn’t need to be packed extremely tight. I’m just an over-tightener when it comes to shit like that.

I’ve found the ULTIMATE use for the Pax Press is packing thin pucks, approximately .2g, and using the Pax Pusher with vented oven lid from Newvape. This combination makes the Pax 3 session much quicker as the small cake heats quickly and thoroughly.

The vapor output of the Pax 3 with pucked weed instead of packed is slightly slower and slightly more roasty, especially if you pack super tight. You can tailor the experience to your liking by varying the amount of material, the tightness of the puck, and the temp of the vape.

How Does The Pax Press Work?

  • Step 1: Grind Weed
  • Step 2: Unscrew Lid
  • Step 3: Fill Chamber
  • Step 4: Screw Cap Back On
  • Step 5: Tighten The Handle
  • Step 6: Unscrew Lid
  • Step 7: Remove Puck
  • Step 8: Enjoy 🙂