FireFly 2 Firmware Update: New Temperature Control Feature

Microtransactions are one of the most annoying things in life. Fortunately, the weed vaporizer community doesn’t have to deal with this. Companies will release FREE app updates that unlock new features. How cool is that? The latest app update by FireFly overhauls the FireFly app while also allowing users to set the exact temperature they want their FF2 to reach! The firmware update is handled within the smartphone app, which was also updated for both Android and IOS.

The first change you notice is the animated FireFly logo when launching the app. The main screen after the logo page has also changed. A prompt immediately pops up instructing you to connect your FF2. Immediately after doing so you are directed to a thermometer where you can set the exact temp you desire!

The menu we’re used to accessing, when first opening the app, is still accessible by clicking on the bottom left corner of the app. This menu allows you to do everything from check the battery life on your FireFly 2 to program how you want the FireFly 2 to fire up (left button, right button, or both buttons pressed).

We can also see the calibration button. This was a feature FireFly unlocked on their previous app update. Troy wrote a pretty detailed article explaining what Power Tuning was, and how did an ABV comparison. He did a pretty detailed write up including pictures of ABV vaped at 89%, 100%, and 111%.  (Spoiler alert: 111% power had way bigger clouds)

I’m curious to see how other FireFly 2 users calibrate their vapes. Do you guys prefer setting your vape to 89%? Or do you prefer 111% to get you the biggest clouds possible? Please leave a comment below, seriously it would make my day.

Last but not least FireFly simplified the LED behavior during activation. From here on out you simply wait 3 seconds then solid green means go!