FireFly 2 Review

firefly2-colorsThe Firefly 2 is the sequel to the original FireFly. It’s a “dynamic convection” portable cannabis vaporizer. The original Firefly was popular for its fairly low maintenance, but the FireFly 2 requires even less upkeep. Battery life, and size have also both improved.

The FireFly 2 is a convection vaporizer, which means you’ll get maximum efficiency and vapor flavor. This also allows you to split bowls into multiple sessions without wasting your weed.

The Firefly 2 is currently available for $329 at Puffitup

FireFly 2 – Size, Portability, Build Quality

The new FF2 is 5.1 inches tall, 1.4 inches wide, and about 1 inch deep. It fits VERY well in a pants pocket. It weighs about 1/3 of a pound (140 grams). The body of the FireFly 2 is die-cast magnesium alloy – it feels like a high-end cell phone. It uses an undisclosed heating material, but we know for sure that it is NOT nichrome. The inside of the magnetic faceplate is gorilla glass, again – just like high-end cell phones. The unit feels incredibly sleek and sexy in the hand.

The bowl itself is borosilicate glass – the same material used in higher quality bongs and water pipes. It’s a great insulator, which will minimize conductive heating and maximize your herb. The vapor path is all glass, aside from the mouthpiece, which makes cleanup SUPER easy.

The mouthpiece is FDA food safe Triton polymer (BPA free).

It’s obvious that a lot of thought, design, and refinement has gone into the FireFly 2.

Using the FireFly 2

Pack the bowl with your favorite herb, a coarse grind works best – you want the hot air to flow freely through the material. Fine grinds will just clog the screen in the mouthpiece and make a mess. The unit turns on by placing your fingertips on each of the touch sensors on the side. It takes about 5 seconds for the heating element to reach 400 degrees. SUPER fast. The light will stay solid green when its ready to vape. You can use your cell phone app (apple/android) to adjust temperature (low/340, med-low/360, medium/380, med-high/400, high/420, and 500/concentrates). The app will also show you battery level, and let you change the button configurations. The mouthpiece has a small filter to catch any particles that slip through.

It works best if you DO NOT pack the bowl super tight. I actually prefer to stir the bowl after a few hits, this will help everything heat evenly.

The air resistance is higher than I prefer, but you have to draw slow with this vape anyway. The air restriction was likely intentional.

On Concentrates
You can use stainless steel pads to vape oils and waxes with the FireFly 2. It’s about on par with other portable vapes here. It’s not quite like doing a dab though, so keep your expectations realistic. A tiny dab of crumble, wax, or oil will still get you 15 or so lighter clouds and plenty of effects.

Cleaning the FireFly 2

This is one of my favorite features of this vape. Reloading is as simple as popping the faceplate off, dumping the ABV, and reloading a new bowl. The included brush works great, it will help free up the screen and the bowl from any remnants.
Deep cleaning and maintenance are also incredibly easy. I’ve found the best way to clean is with a splash of isopropyl alcohol onto a paper towel. Use the damp towel to wipe down the inside of the faceplate and glass backing of the vape. Press a portion of the paper towel into the bowl to clean the ground glass. The mouthpiece is easily removed and can typically be cleaned by just blowing through it.

FireFly 2 Battery Life

The FireFly 2 comes with two 7.4V Li-Ion batteries. Each battery is good for 5 or 6 bowls, depending on how dark you like to go. The batteries are quick and easy to swap, and they’re also quick and easy to charge. It takes about 50 minutes to charge a completely dead battery back to full. BUT WAIT THERE’S MORE! A completely dead battery will be 80% charged in about 20 minutes thanks to the quick charging technology. This is AWESOME for those moments when all your batteries are dead and you really need a lift.


This vape makes me smile. It’s relatively easy to use, without sacrificing portability or vapor quality. It’s a bit on the higher price side – but its FULL CONVECTION and it comes with TWO batteries.
I LOVE LOVE LOVE that it comes in multiple color options.

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