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Healthy Munchies Options


Peanut Butter + Nutella + Banana

Eating while high on marijuana is similar to eating with an extra sense. Experiencing munchies for the first time is similar to going on your first big roller coaster. The appetite it unlocks is akin to the coaster climbing the big drop. Once you take that first bite, it’s as if the marijuana just pulls you into the food, and your body goes along for the ride.

The creators of delectable delights such as Hot Pockets have created snacks that trigger all of our primal synapses. Unfortunately when munchies kick in these primal signals in our brain tend to take over our better judgment. The purpose of this blog post is to arm you with tools to avoid some common mistakes when dealing with munchies.

Avoid Processed Foods

If one is trying to lose weight, the number one piece of advice given out is to avoid eating late. That’s the number one way to deal with munchies, replace food with water and go to sleep. Let’s be honest… after that late night bowl chances are we’re going to go for the fridge. Lets at least figure out some healthy alternatives to the Hot Pocket in the freezer.

Replace heavily processed foods with raw unprocessed foods. Majority of the time this will automatically be a healthier choice since raw foods pack less calories than those found in processed foods such as fast food, donuts, or frozen delights requiring a microwave.giant-burrito

It’s not just processed foods that one should avoid, try to avoid overeating. For example, our favorite restaurant offers GIANT burritos one of which is 6 pounds! Normally we know it’s a very bad idea to finish one of these entire burritos in a single sitting, however when the munchies kick in we sometimes let our stomach call the shots.

Fruits and Vegies

Grab some grapes, wash them, and then toss them in the freezer. By the time you remember that you puthealthy-munchies grapes in the freezer you will come back to an ice-cold delectable surprise your taste buds have never experienced!

For this next dish you will need a tomato or two, and a cucumber. Wash and slice up both the tomatoes and cucumber. Sprinkle a dash of salt over the tomatoes and enjoy!

The beauty about vegetables is that you’re not limited to just cucumbers and tomatoes. You can literally do as you please. For example, our neighbor gave us some pomegranates from his tree, so we got nice and baked and harvested all the seeds into a bowl. Add a little mint to give it some extra flavor and you’ll have yourself enough pomegranates to last a week!


I brought up this subject to my friend; she’s a personal trainer and a long time enjoyer of marijuana. She suggested something that never crossed my mind: protein shakes! Instead of heading out to McDonalds for a McFlurry. . . create yourself a delicious homemade protein shake:whey-protein-shake

1 cup – almond milk (or cold water to save on calories)

½ cup – full-fat cottage cheese

3 tablespoon – peanut butter or almond butter

2 scoops whey-protein

Optional – add honey as sweetener

Another option is to get some Ezekiel-Bread, peanut butter/almond butter, and banana. Ezekiel-Bread might require a trip to a whole foods or sprouts. It’s one of the healthiest bread options out there.

Munchies On The Go

healthy-munchies-04Nuts – A very simple grab-and-go snack to combat the munchies. Two things to be careful of:

  • Make sure they’re unsalted or low sodium
  • Don’t eat more than a ¼ or ½ cup. Nuts can get pretty fattening if you munch on them straight out of the bag.

Gold Fish
– These aren’t the healthiest option on this list. They’re pretty much nothing but fiber andcarbs. The only thing Goldfish have going for them is that they’re baked (haha) vs chips that are usually fried.

Just be careful not to take the entire bag with you while you plop in front of the tv. Instead give yourself a specific portion and hold yourself to only that amount. Nutritionists suggest using smaller plates so that your mind tricks your body that you had enough.healthy-munchies-06

Thank you for reading our blog! Hopefully some of these munchy dishes were appealing, I hope we inspired you to think of some healthier options next time you get hit by the munchies.

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