Boundless CF Hybrid Review

CF Hybrid e-juice cannabis vaporizerThe CF Hybrid by Boundless is one of the only vaporizers on the market built for both e-juice AND dry herb.  It’s essentially a box mod with a built in herb chamber on the bottom. A CF/CFX style mouthpiece locks on over the herb chamber, allowing you to vape e-juice from a tank on one end, and dry herb or concentrate from the chamber and mouthpiece on the other end.

CF Hybrid: What’s in the box

The CF Hybrid comes with the 510 tank (top fill), wax/concetrate pod, usb cable, packing tool, cleaning brush, and a user manual. If you’re buying from, it will also come with a FREE 4-piece aluminum grinder. The only thing you need is e-juice and some herb, and we all know you already have herb.

Build Quality

The CF Hybrid is actually built differently than the CF and the CFX. It’s outer shell slides off to reveal the 18650 battery. Major kudos to the designer here – this design allows incredibly fast battery swaps. Swapping the battery literally takes less than 5 seconds. Overall the unit is solid. It’s made of both metal and plastic and feels relatively durable in the hand. I don’t think it would survive a hard fall – but in reality I don’t know of any mod/tank combo that would.

Performance – dry herb / cannabis

The herb chamber of the CF Hybrid. It's pretty small: .56" deep by .36" diameter.
The herb chamber of the CF Hybrid. It’s pretty small: .56″ deep by .37″ diameter.

The herb chamber is pretty small on this device. It’s about .56″ deep and .37″ diamater – considerably smaller than the CF and CFX (dedicated dry herb vaporizers from Boundless). However the airflow of the CF Hybrid is actually better than the CF and CFX. When vaping cannabis or other dry herb, the draw resistance is relatively low and free flowing thanks to the Hybrid’s isolated air path and improved mouthpiece screen. I’ve found that the herb chamber heats up to 384F in about 35 seconds – which is very fast compared to most weed vapes. The vapor quality and taste isn’t quite as good as the CF or CFX; however, it’s still totally acceptable and better than most. You can pack about .2g in the chamber if you pack a little tight. This will provide good vapor for about 5 minutes.

Buttons & Interface

With the unit in e-juice mode, the display shows the current wattage. If it were in dry herb mode, it would show chamber temp.
With the unit in e-juice mode, the display shows the current wattage. If it were in dry herb mode, it would show chamber temp.

The CF Hybrid behaves like a normal box mod. Five clicks of the power button to turn on/off. There are 4 buttons on the unit: two power/control buttons and two temp/wattage control buttons. The power button near the tank end controls the tank end, and the power button towards the herb end controls the herb end. It’s pretty easy to figure out, even without reading the instructions. At first it was a little daunting to me because I was relatively new to vaping e-juice, but I picked it up quickly and had no major issues.

What I Like

  • Convenience. Carrying two devices can suck it. Two vapes in one right here.
  • Micro USB charging, can charge anywhere
  • crazy fast battery swap. seriously, built for speed here

What I don’t like

  • the size of the herb chamber. I’m spoiled by the CF and CFX. If this unit had the CF bowl, it would be heavenly.
  • Doesn’t stand up. The mouthpiece is the base, but it’s not flat enough to stand up. This makes baby OCD Jesus cry.

Final Thoughts

The CF Hybrid is a great dual purpose vaporizer for anyone looking to carry one device that does both dry herb and e-juice. There are very few products on the market that do what the CF Hybrid does, and this product is the best of its kind. It’s not an amazing weed vape, but it’s comparable and even better than most budget dry herb vaporizers. It functions perfectly well with both functions. If you’re looking for a box mod / e-juice vape that can also handle cannabis, this is the vape for you.

You can pick it up from for about $170 after coupon code PUFFEDUP. It’s normally $200.

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