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Getting High With Vapes – Dynavap Vapcap Edition

In this special episode of Getting High With Vapes, I start high and get even higher with my selection of Vapcap vaporizers. This was an unplanned, unscripted video. After shooting some Boundless Tera updates, I was high as balls from all of the Sativa. It was past 2am and I needed some heavy indica to […] > Continue Reading!

It’s 2018 and the Mighty is still the king of the weed vapes. Crazy. I use my Mighty so hard that I’ve had to optimize the cleaning process. Enjoy […] > Continue Reading!

Mighty Vape Review & Demonstration

Youtube has its panties all twisted up and is deleting cannabis related content like crazy. I’m giving new homes to my videos and the community we’ve developed. The Mighty is STILL my #1 pick. I will update this post when that changes […] > Continue Reading!

Yocan Evolve XL Review – Quad Coil Wax Vaporizer

The Yocan Evolve XL is a monster of a wax vape! The Evolve XL has 4 coils arranged in a box format. It’s a powerful vape, capable of massive dabs. It functions well and the magnetic cap is a very nice feature. Overall it’s well made. My major complaint is how much of an oil […] > Continue Reading!

Yocan Hive 2.0 Review – Micro wax vaporizer / 510 cartridge battery

The Yocan Hive 2.0 is a tiny, TINY piece of technology. The Hive 2.0 comes with two atomizers, one for e-juice and one for wax / cannabis concentrates. The Yocan Hive will also power most prefilled 510 threaded cartomizers. This is a great device for first time portable dab users or high casualty use-cases. Fly […] > Continue Reading!

Puffco Peak Review – Portable ‘Smart’ Dab Rig

The Puffco Peak is a micro dab rig. It’s sleek and slim figure is capable of blending in without looking like a big fucking bong. It’s not quite as powerful as a real dab rig, but what it lacks in power, it makes up ten-fold in style and portability […] > Continue Reading!

Dab Comparison: Quartz Banger -VS- Enail -VS- ELEV8R Convection Dab

Dabbing has come a long way. The red hot titanium is a thing of the past. In this video I compare 3 very popular dabbing methods. 6mm Thick Quartz Banger I use a 6mm thick quartz banger, which is honestly too fucking thick. Stick with a 4mm if you’re looking for a traditional banger. Enail […] > Continue Reading!

How to dab with quartz inserts

Dabbing with quartz inserts is a relatively new thing. In this video and article I will show you how to dab with a quartz insert and explain the pros and cons. I use this banger. It’s $13 and it comes with a bubble cap and a quartz insert. GREAT value, chinese quartz. Here’s how to […] > Continue Reading!

Grinder Deals 4-20

Think about how often you use a grinder. I use my grinder every time I have a session! One of the biggest improvements I’ve made to my vape sessions was purchasing a good quality grinder. I know what you’re probably thinking. Aren’t all grinders all just the same thing? I used to think the same […] > Continue Reading!

Storz & Bickel 4/20 Deals

Storz & Bickel is one of the most well known brands in the vaporizer community. Until recently¬†they did very little marketing and relied solely on word of mouth and the power of the engineering in their vaporizers to drive sales. If you’ve had an eye on adding a Crafty, Mighty, or other S&B vaporizer, there […] > Continue Reading!