Growing Marijuana

I’ve been growing my own cannabis for a couple of years now and I can’t imagine ever going back. Growing your own weed is a lot easier than I thought it was going to be. Setting up your grow room and figuring out how to grow weed is challenging and rewarding.

My growing videos and articles document my journey of growing weed and learning to grow better. I’m not an expert grower, but I operate with a scientific mind and I have a network of master growers to help us.

Growing Weed ISN’T HARD – A Slackers Guide to FARMING FIRE
Listen – growing weed is not difficult. As a first-time-grower, my virgin grow put out a pound of the best weed I had ever smoked at the time.

After my first success, I took it for granted and scaled up. More lights, more plants, more weed! Right!? Right, and don’t forget about MORE WORK!

I started experimenting with multiple tents and different methods and mediums. Things got out of hand with multiple grow tents going.

Before I realized it, I was basically a full-time weed farmer.

I take a Fail Foward Fast approach to my gardening. Failing Forwards means I’m learning from my mistakes. I’m willing to make mistakes and document my learning process so we can all become better growers. I try many things and I’m willing to fail rapidly in order to maximize my learning.

Why LED Grow Lights?

The best modern grow lights are LED. Growing marijuana requires long hours of intense light and the cheapest way to produce that light is with LED grow lights.

LED only recently took the technological lead over older types of grow lights. Metal-Halide and High-Pressure Sodium bulbs are older technologies that are still in use by some old-school growers.

In recent years LED technologies reached an efficacy threshold that allows them to be a feasible source of full-spectrum light. This is why we see LED light bulbs in our homes and in our grow tents!

Mars Hydro has provided me with LED grow lights for me to review and compare; and they also sponsor my youtube channel!

Mars Hydro LED Grow Lights

My first marijuana grow used a Mars Hydro TS-3000 in a 5×5 tent. The results blew me away and I fell in love with growing my own high-quality cannabis. I jumped into the rabbit hole with both feet!

When I realized how potentially underpowered my tent was with the 450-watt TS-3000, I upgraded to TWO SP-3000. These 300-watt bar-style LED lights have more power and a better spread of light over the 5×5 canopy.

I later used the two SP-3000 in a 4×4 grow tent for a perpetual harvest autoflower grow!

My two 5×5 grow tents are currently lit with the Mars Hydro FC-8000 and the FC-6500. These full framed bar lights spread the LEDs across 8 metal bars and can be used much closer to the canopy than the other lights.

Upgrading My Marijuana Grow Tents with Wall Mount Fans

Upgrading My Marijuana Grow Tents with Wall Mount Fans

When growing marijuana indoors in a grow tent, airflow, and air movement is incredibly important. The moving air mimics the wind and helps the plants grow stronger branches, better for holding heavy nugs. In my previous grow I opted to use a couple 6" clip fans and a...