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Flowermate iHit Review

RETIRED 8/7/18: This vaporizer should not be sought after or acquired unless you’re a vape collector.

The iHit comes with: 5000mah control unit, dry herb convection module, e-nail dabbing module, glass dabbing hood, 2 silicon heat insulating bands, 2 stainless steel dry herb cans, borosilicate glass mouthpiece for dry herb module, wall charger, 14/18 male or female water pipe adapter, dab tool + carb cap, pick, brush

The iHit, by Flowermate, is a portable enail AND dry herb vaporizer. The ‘base’ of the unit houses a 5,000mAh battery and a ‘smart controller’ to set the temperature of the enail or dry herb oven. It automatically senses which device is plugged in.

The enail temperature maxes out at 716F, which is plenty hot enough. I daytime dab at 565F, but bump it up to 650F at night.

The dry herb oven is convection powered, with some conductive assistance. Max temperature on the dry herb vaporizer is 446F.

Both the dry herb module and the enail are designed to be used with the INCLUDED water pipe adapter, while the dry herb unit can ALSO be used with the included mouthpiece.

The price of the unit is $400, but coupon code DAYUM will knock that down to $300.

Flowermate iHit Build Quality – The iHit is plastic with some metal. The outer shell is a rugged, thick plastic with a velvety soft finish. The buttons are precise and springy, not cheap feeling at all. The cords for each of the vape heads are only 3 feet long and they don’t feel particularly nice. I’ve intentionally beat the shit out of mine for the last couple of months and they’ve held up fine. I do wish they were a little longer. The connection ports are metal and plastic. The pin connectors are heavy duty, which means there’s no worry about pins getting bent or broken.

The titanium enail heats up in about 2 minutes. Max temp: 716F

iHit Enail Review – It works great and it’s actually portable. I prefer this over a torch. It’s slightly more cumbersome than an enail with a quartz banger, but it’s still easy. Navigating a dab through the glass tunnel into the nail is daunting at first. The bucket of the nail sits nearly an inch below the top of the glass and the bucket is 7/10″ diameter. It’s easier than it looks, but it’s not as easy as a banger. The included dabber / carb cap works well as a carb cap, but it’s a little bulky to be dabbing with. The enail heats up in about 2 minutes, with the session lasting 10 minutes. I can get about 7 dab sessions out of a single charge. You can’t leave the glass on the nail for too long, it gets damn hot.  I’d prefer fewer parts, but I’m very happy with the performance of the enail. I’m also slightly annoyed that the bucket opening is slightly tighter than a Q-tip. It’s important to clean the nail after each dab, and the q-tip is the standard tool. It still fits, but it’s tight.

The dry herb vape head can hold about .5g and heats up in about 40 seconds. It can be used with the water pipe adapter, or the mouthpiece.

iHit Dry Herb Review – This one surprised me. The vapor is surprisingly tasty and pleasant. It’s a convection heater, but the bowl is conductively heated to about 360F. It seems like the vapor just keeps coming with this one. A full 10-minute session at 400F never got hot or harsh. It’s not powerful enough to plow through bowls in just a few hits, though. I prefer to keep this unit on a bong. The included mouthpiece is OK, but the unit gets a bit hot for precious princess hands. The ABV comes out nicely toasted, with a little bit of darker colors at the bottom of the bowl. I’ve been dropping little bits of shatter in at the bottom of my bowls for some extra punch. The device remains surprisingly clean!

Final Thoughts – Overall, I really like the iHit. It’s not perfect, but it functions well for its purpose. It’s a great device for a modern cannabis-friendly household. I leave mine plugged in for daytime dabs at my desk, but on the weekend it serves hot tasty dabs from practically every room of the house (and even the passenger seat of my car.)

I like this as an enail because torches are noisy. And hot. And scary.

This would be great for travelers, campers, hikers, road trippers, ninjas, pirates, and superheroes.  If you don’t NEED the battery portability for dabs, you might better off buying a dedicated enail and a portable dry herb vape.

The iHit is $300 (normally $400) with coupon code DAYUM.

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