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Magic Flight Launch Box Review

Update 8/7/18: The MFLB will always hold a special place in my heart and in the history of weed vapes, but I really don’t recommend it anymore.
This glowing review is a reminder of simpler times.

The Magic Flight Launch Box, or MFLB for short, slipped onto the cannabis vape scene in 2009. Things were different back then. There weren’t many affordable weed vaporizers. The ones that were affordable pretty much sucked, especially for portables. Butane based vaporizers seemed to be the only hope for truly pocket-portable weed vapes.

The timing was perfect for the Magic Flight Launch Box. It satisfied the needs of the cannabis vaporizer communities so well that it has developed a thriving community of MFLB fans and experts.

7 years later, and the MFLB is STILL a very popular vape – and one of our favorites!

MFLB Build Quality & Function

The Launch Box is carved from a solid piece of wood, several species of woods are available. My favorite is walnut. The wood does not impact flavor. Its clear glass door slides to the side with a flick of the thumb, revealing a large trench. The trench can hold up to .3g(ish). Don’t overfill it, but its ok to underfill. The vape is powered by a single AA rechargeable battery that is inserted into the side of the unit. Hold the battery in to heat the oven. The entire screen actually heats up, and your material is heated via conduction AND infrared heat. Pull slowly from the glass stem, whip, or directly from the box if you’re really trying to be sneaky.

Why We Love It

I’ve had my MFLB for almost 6 years. My launch box has been through the wash, dropped on pavement, rolled down stairs, left out in the blistering sun, and thrown against the wall in a fit of Mario Kart rage. The thing still works. It’s a tank.

It’s incredibly portable and very easy to hide. It fits in the palm of my normal sized hands and I can mostly conceal it with my fist. Even with the battery in and heating, it’s concealable.

The manufacturer has earned a fantastic reputation. They take great care of their customers. The MFLB is made right here in USA too!

The AC adapter ROCKS! Plugging this thing into the wall, or a cigarette lighter in your car makes this vape more of a powerhouse. Since each battery is essentially good for about 5 minutes of vaping, not having to switch batteries for party time is super nice.

DESIGN OPTIONS! The MFLB is available in several different wood varieties as well as etched glass designs. They’ve partnered with talented designers and artists to collaborate on some of these designs. I love that. I wish my old MFLB would die so I can buy a new unique one.

Before you buy…

There’s a few things you need to know before buying this vape.
It’s a sipper, not a ripper. The oven heats up gently, which means you need to take long slow pulls. I like to take little sips of vapor as it forms at the base of the stem. You can still pull some clouds, but there’s a learning curve.

Holding in the battery makes my hand hurt. I sit at a computer all day, so I don’t have manly lumberjack hands. If I vape two 5-minute sessions, my hand will cramp and I’ll get a tender spot from the battery. BUT WAIT. You CAN pull the rubber ring out of the battery hole. Doing this will make the launch box heat up just by inserting the battery – no need to push to insert it.

AVOID COUNTERFITS! The MFLB has been out a long time, and there are plenty of fakes 🙁
Ebay, craigslist, and even local dispensaries are often pushing fake product. With such a simple design, the fake goods look nearly identical to the real thing. Only buy from a reputable dealer!!

You can buy directly from the manufacture and choose exotic woods and designs here.

Or you can let Randy over at Puff It Up take care of you. They’re an authorized distributor and have put together some kickass deals on the MFLB.

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