What’s up? My name is Troy and I am passionate about weed vapes. I’m always searching for the absolute best vaporizers for dry herb and wax. I review vaporizers and compare them in detail to help people make better buying decisions.

I’d rather you spend your money on weed than waste it on a shitty vape.

Choosing the best dry herb vaporizer can be daunting. There are a lot of great vapes available and each delivers a unique vapor experience. Some vapes are fast and powerful while others are slow and gentle. There are microdosing vapes as well as megadosing.

There are hundreds of TERRIBLE vapes on the market. Please do your research before buying anything not mentioned here.

I’ve put together this list of the best dry herb vaporizers for every budget and for every type of cannabis user. With 100+ vapes on my shelf, if I could only keep one – it would be this one:

Mighty Vaporizer best dry herb vape

The best of the best. My most reached for, most recommended, and most thanked for recommending – the Mighty. $296 after coupon STORZ15.

Best Dry Herb Vaporizer:
The Mighty

The Storz & Bickel Mighty is the best vape of 2018.

Vapor from the Mighty is smooth and delicious and the vape itself is incredibly simple and easy to use. The Mighty is powerful enough for fat bong rips while being gentle enough to share with Grandma.

The Mighty vaporizes .15g of dry herb / cannabis in 6-10 clouds over a 3 or-4 minute sesh. That’s a fraction of a joint and the Mighty will get you HIGHER!

You can pick it up right now after coupon “STORZ15” for $296 or go to my in-depth Mighty review + video.


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Other Most Recommended Vapes

Firewood 5 Vape with 5 bowl magazine

Firewood 5 – $225

Firewood 5 – The Firewood 5, released July 2018, is the first push-button on-demand vape from Firewood Vapes. This unique beast features FIVE BOWLS in a sliding ceramic insert. Plus a removable 18650 battery and glass vapor path.

The Firewood 5 is handmade and designed by a single artisan – Marc. The price and performance of this vape make it one of the best on-demand dry herb vapes available. Available at Firewoodvapes.com

Firewood 5 Review

Fury 2 weed vape review

Fury 2 – $139

The Fury 2 is a powerful little dry herb and concentrate vape by Healthy Rips.  Its hybrid heating offers the most pleasurable vapor of any vape on this list. Watch my Fury 2 review video.

The Fury 2 bowl holds as little as .05 and as much as .2g  – small enough for microdosing and big enough for sharing.

The Fury 2 is available for $139 at Healthy Rips and Puffitup

VapCap M - $59

VapCap M – $59

The VapCap M is the best dry herb vape less than $100.

You can even pick up an eighth of top-shelf with your leftover money.

The Vapcap M is a portable torch powered vape. It produces some of the quickest and tastiest vapor available.

I consider the VapCap M a must-own vaporizer, as long as you’re comfortable with small pocket-torches.

Vapcap Vaporizers come in a variety of upgrades and options. The VapCap M is the most affordable dry herb vape available.

Arizer Solo II - $188

Arizer Solo II – $188

The Solo II is one of the highest quality dry herb vapes available. The all glass vapor path provides smooth tasty vapor and the lowest maintenance of any vape on this page.

Bowl size: .1-.2g
Session time: 6-10 minutes
Bowls per charge: 12+

Pros: Easy to use, easy to maintain, great vapor, great battery
Cons: Slower extraction

The Solo 2 is available at Planet of the Vapes for $188 with a free grinder and a free tightvac storage container. Puffitup has the same deal minus the tightvac.

Davinci IQ - $279

Davinci IQ – $279

The Davinci IQ produces the highest quality and best-tasting vapor out of any conduction vape. The ceramic zirconia vapor path and mouthpiece deliver cool, smooth vapor that’s rich in flavor.

The IQ features full temp control as well as customizable smart-paths that will gradually increase the heat as the session progresses.

With a 10 year warranty and a removable 18650 battery, the Davinci IQ is one of my absolute favorite ultraportable weed vapes.

My IQ is coming up on its 2-year review. I purchased mine directly from Davinci. It’s also available at Puffitup.

Boundless TERA - $220

Boundless TERA – $220

The Boundless TERA is a full convection portable powerhouse! The TERA packs TWO removable 18650s which will power you through 6-8 bowls with ease.

If you’re looking for a hard-hitting portable, the TERA is perfect. The full convection heater can completely extract a bowl in about 4 long draws.

Pros: Extremely powerful convection, dual removable 18650
Cons: minor silicone smell during first few bowls

I see the TERA as a great vape for heavy users and bong-rippers. I don’t recommend it for flavor chasers or users with specific vape temps in mind.

Available at Puffitup and Planet of the Vapes for $220.

Best Dry Herb Vape Under $200

Two hundred bones can get you several really kickass vapes. And they’ll all pay for themselves in weed savings over smoking. Here are my  favorites

The Boundless CFX and CF - two of the best vapes you can get for under $200

The Boundless CFX and CF – two of the best vapes you can get for under $200

Boundless CF – $129
The Boundless CF is a sleek little vape with a huge bowl, super fast heat up time, and killer battery life. It puts out some fantastic vapor and is easily chargeable with any micro USB power. It’s a conduction/convection hybrid unit and it’s hard to beat at this price. Despite owning all of the high-end vaporizers, I still find myself using the CF every other day. Pick it up at PuffitUp and they’ll include a free 4-piece aluminum grinder – PLUS FREE SHIPPING.  Boundless CF Review

Boundless CFX – $179
The bigger brother of the CF. Same sexy feel, same crazy fast heat up time. Here’s what the extra $50 gets you: A bitchin LCD screen with a cool gas gauge speedometer whizbang design. Precise temperature control from 100F to 430F (15 degrees hotter than the CF).  A slightly larger bottom vent (improved bong performance), 2500mah battery, and an wall charger that can rapid-charge the CFX from dead to full in about 30 minutes.  Add on the WPA for $15 and this beast will milk up your favorite bubbler. Get the CFX here. Add the water pipe adapter and this thing is a vaporbonging machine! Boundless CFX Review

Best Weed Vape less than $100

Flowermate 5.0s – $79

The FlowerMate 5.0s kicks ass - especially at $79 after coupon code FM5S

The FlowerMate 5.0s kicks ass – especially at $79 after coupon code FM5S

This is a simple and affordable vaporizer. The glass mouthpiece gives a nice clean flavor and stows away in the bottom of the device for ultimate portability. The oven, or bowl, holds enough flower for 2 or 3 bake-offs for low tolerance users. High tolerance users will still find satisfaction by utilizing the hotter of Flowermates 3 temperature settings, or by vaping 2 or more sessions in a row. The 5.0s rechargeable battery holds enough charge for several days, at several sessions each day. It heats up quickly, is relatively efficient, and produces great vapor flavor. Additionally, it’s easy to modify for an easier pull and larger clouds, as well as adaptable to your favorite bong or whip. I love it because it looks like a portable hard drive or external battery. It’s available at puffitup.com right now for $79 with coupon code FM5. Don’t forget to pick up a couple extra capsules, for fast and easy hot swapping.

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