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VapCap Water Wands from DDave Mods – WPA for Dynavap Vapcap

The DDave Water Wand is an all-glass replacement body for the Dynavap Vapcap. The Water Wand replaces the stem and condenser of the traditional Vapcap and connects directly to the vaporizer tip + Vapcap. The Water Wand is designed to connect to a bong and give you the full power of the draw to maximize […] > Continue Reading!

Dr. Dabber Switch Pass-through Charging Test

Passthrough charging is the glorious feature that allows you to plug your completely dead device into the charger and use it immediately – while it charges on the charger. The key difference is the ability use it while it charges, not just using it while plugged into the charger. Several products have made false claims […] > Continue Reading!

G-Pen GIO First Impressions & Early Review // State Wellness Cannabis Oil

The G-Pen GIO is an ultra-slim oil pen. The prefilled pods are .5g. I purchased both pods and the device from Eaze, a cannabis delivery service in California. I’ve used a few devices like this, with the most popular and reliable being the Pax Era. In terms of the device itself, the G-pen GIO is […] > Continue Reading!

Best Grinder for the Pax 3? – Weed Grinder Comparison

If you’ve read my review of the Pax 3 or the Pax 3 Temperature Guide then you know how much I love testing my Pax 3! In the video below I vape 3 bowls in order to find out which grind was best for the Pax 3. Pax 3 Best Grinder In order to quantify […] > Continue Reading!

In the debut episode of Getting High With Vapes, I heavily demonstrate how to get high as shit with a few popular weed vaporizers. Dry herb and cannabis vaporizers are so uncommon that most stoners are completely unfamiliar with them. Youtube has deleted all the best cannabis content – including my own channel. The original […] > Continue Reading!

Part One: 1 Gram Dab in the Dr Dabber Switch Induction Dab Rig

I’ve been pushing the Dr Dabber Switch to its limits hard these last few days. In this video, I drop a whole gram of shatter into the quartz cup in hopes of meeting the space Jesus. We certainly had an adventure! The giant dab was probably about half a gram too big for the Switch’s […] > Continue Reading!

420 Vape Temp Guide: Customizing your High

We know that consuming different strains of cannabis produce different types of highs. Indica strains are associated with more body highs and sativa strains produce more of an energetic high. These affects can be further customized and enhanced by the temperature being vaped Boiling Points of Cannabinoids and Terpenes Cannabinoids are closely related compounds that […] > Continue Reading!

Xvape Fog Review – Budget Convection Hybrid Dry Herb Vape

The Xvape Fog is a great little vape that offers a lot of features without a huge price tag $99 at Piffutp. Xvape Fog Review The Fog features a Stainless Steel oven that holds as much as .2g of ground cannabis or as little as .05. It utilizes convection and conduction to vaporize your weed. […] > Continue Reading!

Getting High With Vapes – Flowerpot SPEEDBOWLS

In Episode 3 of Getting High With Vapes, I use the NewVape Flowerpot to get higher than giraffe balls. This video was deleted from youtube when they banned all of the weedtubers. This video was an impromptu session after a long grueling series of tests. I use the NewVape Flowerpot Showerhead. It’s an enail that […] > Continue Reading!

Haze Square Preview & Update

The Haze Square was announced a few years ago and it’s FINALLY HERE. The Square features four bowls and a FULL CONVECTION heater. It’s fully on-demand, which means you’re always 10 seconds away from a quick lift. I received my pre-production unit a long long time ago and was able to watch the Haze Square […] > Continue Reading!