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Best Online Vape Stores – Tried and TRUSTED 420 Vape Shops

Most 420 vape stores are full of fakes, imitations, and low-quality high-profit vaporizers.

Buying Vaporizers Online? Don’t get screwed, stick to this list

The most popular and best-selling vaporizers are imitated by cheap Chinese knock-offs.

Sadly, smoke shops and dispensaries aren’t aware of this – or they simply don’t care enough to regulate what they sell. I’ve visited dozens of head shops and dispensaries in California, Washington, and Colorado – almost all of them carried at least one FAKE product.

The most commonly faked vaporizers are the Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax vaporizer Volcano, Mighty/Crafty, and Flowermates.

These fake vapes typically look and feel just like the real thing, some of them even perform similarly. However, the materials and quality control are often very different.

I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to be inhaling potentially unknown and toxic fumes from a cheap Chinese knockoff vape.

Here’s a trustworthy list of places to buy 100% AUTHENTIC vaporizers.

USA Shipping Online Vape Stores

The PACT ACT recently shook up how online vape stores can ship vapes into different states.  Most USA vape shops will ship to all 50 US states.

#1 Online Vape Store – Planet of the Vapes

Planet of the Vapes Online Store

Planet of the Vapes has been serving the cannabis vape community for many years. Patrick, the owner, is an OG vaporist and a genuine soul.

PotV tests and curates its selection of dry herb vaporizers so you won’t find any junk there. They even work closely with manufacturers to improve vaporizers and create better products.

PotV is home to two highly recommended vaporizers: PotV One and the PotV V3 Pro. Both of these vapes are budget friendly and rank high on my list of best portable dry herb vapes.

#2 – VGoodiez

Vgoodiez Vape Store Logo

Vgoodiez is a specialty vape shop catering to weed vape enthusiasts and die-hard vape users – like me.

Scott over at Vgoodiez is one of us – passionate about vapes. He’s a one-man operation and he stocks several vaporizers that are often harder to acquire.

Vgoodiez sells several vapes from my hardest-hitting vaporizer list.

#3 – Puffitup

Puffitup 420 vape shop logo

Puffitup.com used to be my #1 and you’ll see a lot of artifacts from that era around the internet. Puffitup used to rock! They had a great owner who was involved. They were the fastest shipping, they carried the best vapes, and they cared.

Those times are over. Puffitup sold to Vapor.com and everything we used to love about Puffitup is gone.

Gone are the candy, gone are the cares.

#4 – Vapor.com

Previously Vapornation.com, which rebranded to VapeWorld.com, and have now settled in at Vapor.com.

Vapor.com is one of the biggest vape and vape accessory sellers and distributors in the space. They don’t curate their selection and they probably haven’t even tried 90% of what they sell.

What they lack in customer service, quality product curation, and community connection is partially offset by their massive selection of vapes.

#5 – VaporWarehouse

VaporWarehouse has been around forever and we thought they were about to go extinct a couple of years ago.

In 2021 VaporWarehouse updated its inventory with a much fresher selection of vapes and became a relevant vape shop again!

VaporWarehouse sells good vapes AND shitty vapes in the same store – be careful.

Just Buy Direct!

Most quality vape makers also sell online via their own vape shop or directly on their website.  This may be beneficial if your vape ever has issues and you need to return it for warranty or service. Prices are usually the same at the manufacturer as they are in online vape shops.

Pax Vape Shop
Dynavap Vape Shop

use code TROYTIME

Storz & Bickel Vaporizer Shop
Davinci Vaporizer Online Store
Healthy Rips Vaporizer Shop
Cannabis Hardware

use code TROYTIME

Old Head Trading Co
Xvape Vaporizers
Puffco Logo / Vape Store Link
Arizer Vapes Canada
Tinymight Vaporizer
Sticky Brick Labs

Canadian Vape Shops

Canada is a big country and to avoid shipping delays caused by distance, savvy shoppers select the vape stores nearest them.

Vancouver and West Coast Canadians typically order from Sneaky Pete or Vape North.

East Coast Canadians have PlanetHaze.

European & Australian Vape Shops

If you’re in the UK and looking for the best vapes for weed, VapeFiend has you covered. He’s a cool dude and he runs a great store.

VerdampftNochmal.de is a popular German vape shop with a big selection. They ship to several European countries including Switzerland, Norway, and Great Britain.