Where to buy a weed vape

One thing that plagues the marijuana vaporizer scene is the plethora of fake products. The most popular and best selling vaporizers are imitated by cheap chinese knock-offs.
Sadly, smoke shops and dispensaries aren’t aware this – or they simply don’t care enough to regulate what they sell. I’ve visited dozens of head shops and dispensaries in California, Washington, and Colorado – almost all of them carried at least one FAKE product. The most commonly faked vaporizers are the Magic Flight Launch Box, Pax 2, Volcano, Mighty/Crafty, and Flowermates.

These fake vapes typically look and feel just like the real thing, some of them even perform similarly. However the materials and quality control is often very different.
I’m not sure about you, but I don’t want to be inhaling potentially unknown and toxic fumes from a cheap Chinese knockoff vape.

Here’s a trustworthy list of places to buy 100% AUTHENTIC vaporizers.

Online Vape ShopsDirect from Manufacture



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