My friend likes to joke that it sounds like I’m speaking another language when I talk about cannabis vaporizers. This gave me the idea of putting together a quick 420 vape glossary vaporents can reference.

Marijuana Terms

Aroma – The scent created from vaping out of a vaporizer

BHO (Butane Hash Oil) – What is BHO? BHO is a cannabis extract derived from squeezing liquid butane through a tube of frosty buds.

Bud – Bud is another term for marijuana. It is literally the bud of a flower. Other synonyms for bud include cannabis, danks, mary jane, mj,

Cannabis – Cannabis is a synonym of marijuana. Cannabis was the original term until William Randolph Hearst used his vast media empire to turn the public against an evil new drug he called marijuana. With public support he was able to get politicians to prohibit marijuana. All this so that he wouldn’t have to invest in money to transition his business from cotton to hemp.

Marijuana/Pot – synonyms include cannabis, bud, mary jane, and weed. The term marijuana didn’t exist prior to 1910. Prior to 1910 it was simply known as cannabis. After the great depression public opinion of marijuana started to shift. Propaganda campaigns were created negatively associating the plant with immigrants and African Americans that regularly enjoyed it. Harry Anslinger’s propaganda campaigns eventually lead to the prohibition of marijuana.

“Marijuana is the most violence-causing drug in the history of mankind… Most marijuana smokers are Negroes, Hispanics, Filipinos and entertainers. Their satanic music, jazz and swing, result from marijuana usage.” -Harry Anslinger

More information can be found at Leafly

CBD (Cannabidiol) – What is CBD? CBD is a compound found in cannabis that has medicinal value. Despite cannabis being classified as a schedule 1 drug, the scientific community has proven CBDs can tremendously reduce epileptic seizures.

Concentrates – Synonyms include oil, wax, dabs, crumble, shatter. A super potent substance derived from cannabis.

Dab or Dabbing – Vaporizing concentrates using a hot nail or quartz banger, typically pulled through a bong or water pipe. Most dabs are taken between 500F and 700F.

Dispensary – Where medical marijuana patients purchase cannabis, edibles, or concentrates.

Edibles – An edible is a food containing THC extracted from cannabis. Often times the THC is extracted through butter. The butter is then used to cook or bake with creating delightful treats.

Hash Oil – a honey like liquid derived from dissolving hashish or cannabis into a solvent leaving behind a potent form of cannabis.

Hybrid Heating – A vaporizer that utilizes both convection and conduction.

Kief – Arabic term sometimes translated as keef, or kif is the crystallized trichomes that fall off cannabis buds and are usually captured via screens.

Cannabis Strain – Cannabis comes in three different strains or breeds: indica, sativa, or hybrids. There are also high CBD strains that are used to treat illnesses such as epilepsy, but these are harder to find.

THC – Abbreviation for Tetrahydrocannabidinol which is the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis.

Nugscan: Sour Headband, my new favorite sativa.

Wax – a derivative of cannabis, usually extracted using liquid butane.

Crumble – another type of cannabis concentrate.

Shatter – a type of cannabis concentrate with a glass/taffy consistency.

Weed – another term for cannabis, marijuana, or bud.

Cash/Cashed – term used for when a bowl or session is done. The term lets others know a new bowl of cannabis needs to be packed.

Pooched – the Canadian term for cash/cashed

Bongwater – the leftover water found in bongs or water pipes. Don’t drink the bong water!

Pull – the act of inhaling cannabis out of a vaporizer. Synonyms include draw, hit,

Resistance – this term describes how constricted the air flow of a vaporizer is

Bubbler – a glass pipe device with at least one percolator

Budder/wax – another term for cannabis concentrate

Budtender – a person who serves patrons at marijuana establishments

Borosilicate glass – a type of glass that is resistant to thermal shock. Constructed with silica and baron this helps provide a low coefficient of thermal expansion.

Water Pipe/Bong – water pipes or bongs have been were first introduced in China around the 16th century. Used to smoke tobacco, cannabis, or opium through a process of water filtration. The material is combusted and filtered through water and sometimes cooled down using ice.

T-Break – Tolerance Break is when a person stops ingesting cannabis for a specific period of time. Tolerance Breaks are done to reduce the tolerance that develop through prolonged use of cannabis.

Weed Vape Terms

Vaporizer – A vaporizer is a device that uses either conduction or convection to heat cannabis or concentrates right up to the point of combustion without ever combusting.

Vaporent – a cannabis vaporizer enthusiast. Popular vaporent communities include and

Convection – using hot air to heat up cannabis. Baking something in an oven is an example of convection heating.

Conduction – heat being applied directly to a metal surface. Heating something up on a skillet is an example of conduction heating.

Stem – long rigid tube, typically glass, used to take pulls out of vaporizers. Other common materials

Aromatherapy – using natural oils to enhance or promote well being

Pass Through Charging – usually refers to power banks with the ability to charge itself AND devices that are plugged in. The benefit of this is when suddenly unplugged, the power block and devices will be charged. Power banks without pass through charging will require the power bank to be fully charged first, before additional devices can begin getting charged.

Log Vape – An extended session style vaporizer that is usually built into a piece of wood. The convection heater replies on plug-in power. Dry herbs are vaporizers via a stem that fits over the steel heater tube inside the log.

Bags / Balloons – used by popular desktop vaporizers, such as the volcano vape, to fill up with vapor produced by the vaporizer. The mouthpiece at the end of the bags are typically similar to the push up mouth pieces found on disposable plastic water bottles.

Whip – whip-style vaporizers operate by vaping cannabis via convection with a “whip” attachment to draw the vapor. Comprised as three main parts: wand (glass piece where the cannabis goes), tubing, and mouthpiece.

Isolated Airpath – an isolated airpath means a vaporizer has a pathway for the air to travel that is completely isolated from all the electronics.

WPA – Short for water pipe adapter, this accessory allows the vape to attach to bongs or waterpipes

ABV after a 5 minute session at 365F.

ABV / AVB – The remaining cannabis after it has been vaporized. Color ranges from light brown to dark brown. Contains low levels of THC, but is often used to create cannabutter.

Session Vape – A vaporizer that is intended for multiple back-to-back hits

On Demand Vape – Typically a vaporizer that has a short heat up time (typically 10 seconds or less) and is mainly used for a hit here and there

Desktop Vape – A non portable vaporizer unit that was designed for home use. (usually in a stationary fashion)

Reclaim Resin – Reclaim Resin is the residual honey like substance that accumulates after repeated use of a vaporizer.

honey / reclaim on the screen of a Boundless CF Vaporizer
With both screen mods in place, the internal screen becomes a honey magnet. FREE DABS!
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