Mighty+ Vaporizer // First Look and Early Impressions

The Mighty+ has finally arrived! The Crafty+ came out 15 months ago, but with less-than-raving reviews. Now Storz & Bickel has refreshed their whole line-up (minus the Plenty) and even brought another update to the Crafty+ Mighty+ Updated Features Ceramic Coated Bowl – Mighty Classic and Crafty have a soft aluminum bowl that is prone … Read more

First Look: Crafty+ Updates

The Crafty+ arrived yesterday at 4:20pm on the dot. I’m not sure what kind of strings Storz & Bickel pulled to arrange a DHL delivery with such precision – but I’ll love them forever for it. Just a few days ago, Storz pushed out a keynote address announcing exciting new updates to their lineup. The … Read more

Flowerpot Baller Head Upgrade from Cannabis Hardware

Video Chapters: 00:40 – This is my jobI review weed stuff01:49 – Brilliant Cut Sponsorship02:46 == Baseline B-Rod hit @ 711F05:00 – Removing balls from B-rod06:00 – Difference between balls / no balls07:00 == V-rod (no balls) hit @711F08:00 – Preheating Flowerpot Bowls09:50 – DC Elev8r intro11:00 – Elev8r Coil / PID Compatibility11:50 – Elev8r … Read more

12 Ton Dabpress Review – Affordable Rosin Press from Amazon

Solventless dabs are all the rage – and rightfully so. After the vape-cart scare of 2019, cannabis users nationwide have been growing more conscious of what goes into their lungs and how their cannabis concentrates are produced. Rosin Presses are a great way to produce solventless concentrates at home. No dangerous chemicals or crazy off-gassing … Read more

Mighty Vaporizer Accessories

Troy and Jerry recently spent two whole live streams dedicated to the Mighty – and they could easily spend two more. We covered all of the best, and the worst Mighty accessories in the stream, here’s a cut video highlighting just the portion where we talk about accessories. The Mighty is the best weed vaporizers … Read more

Davinci Unveils the IQ-C // An updated IQ, cheaper IQ2 (2-fist comparison)

July 13 – Las Vegas Nevada. Davinci has released its latest portable dry herb vaporizer. The Davinci IQ-C is mid-priced between the higher-end IQ2 and the budget-friendly microdosing Miqro. The IQ-C contains the same basic conduction heating technology and the ceramic zirconia vapor path that made the original IQ so popular. The glass-lined oven and … Read more