The 420 vape community is a special group and it wouldn’t be what it is today without a history of remarkable contributions from others.

Starting now, Feb 2022 – We’ll be celebrating the contributions and commitments of our most outstanding members.

Our first Member of the Month is Secreagent. She contributed an open-source ball-vape design that sets the bar for low-mass, low-budget, high-performance ball vapes. The Pinky has already shaken up the market and will cause ripples for months, if not years.

We wanted to thank you for all your contributions to our community as well as the extra effort you put into your daily interactions in the Vape Zone, we felt it was important to highlight your impact. Your creativity and willingness to help continuously exceed our expectations.

The value you’ve added to our server has helped countless members learn and grow within the space. We also greatly appreciate your openness and enthusiasm to share your creation, the Pinky. This says a lot about your skills and generosity. Thank you again for your contributions and hard work.