Cooking With Cannabis Concentrates: Making SUPER POTENT Marijuana Edibles

Marijuana edibles are a great way to medicate and the high is considerably different than vaping or smoking.

Unfortunately, my tolerance is high and cannabis edibles are limited to 100mg doses in California – Enough for a good buzz, but I want to get blitzed.

Making your own marijuana edibles at home is easy, but when cooking with weed it’s tough to calculate the actual dosage and the infused edibles often end up tasting like cannabis.

Cooking with cannabis concentrates makes the process much easier, while also making it easy to measure the dosage AND escaping the weedy taste.

What you need

  • marijuana concentrate of choice (shatter, wax, budder, diamonds, etc)
  • fat-based food to infuse (butter, coconut oil)
  • oven

How to Cook with Concentrates

Before eating your dabs, it’s important to decarboxylate your concentrate. This process converts the THC-A into THC, activating it so your body can enjoy it.

Decarboxylating your shatter, sauce, or other marijuana concentrate is as simple as placing it in a 250F oven for 30-40 minutes.

With your concentrate decarboxylated and STILL HOT, mix your product with your butter or oil. Mix it thoroughly so the cannabinoids bind to the fats in your butter.

Once your butter or oil is thoroughly mixed and distributed, you can use pretty much whatever recipe you desire.

In the above video, we used 1g of sauce to make the Bomb-Ass Butter and we also infused the scalloped potatoes with another gram of shatter.

Calculating Edible Dosage

Perhaps the best part about cooking with concentrates is the ability to accurately calculate dosage, as long as your concentrate has a THC percentage on the label.

A 1 gram container of concentrates will contain 1000mg of total material.
Use the percentage to calculate the total THC.

For example, our 79% THC sauce would contain 790mg of THC.

With the known amount of THC, you can divide your finished food into appropriately dosed marijuana edibles.

Or you can eat it all and meet the Space Jesus.

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