My Davinci IQ Won’t Hit

My friend recently got a Davinci IQ and used it daily without doing a deep clean. One Saturday morning I got a call with the words, “My Davinci IQ won’t hit”. The first thing I noticed was how much resistance each hit had. My friend did a fantastic job cleaning the bowl after every use, but that was all he cleaned.

Davinci IQ Mouthpiece

Although vaporizers come in different shapes and sizes, they all tend to build up reclaim in the mouthpiece. It’s a good idea to take apart your mouthpiece about once a week after heavy use and give it a heavy cleaning. Let’s assume you’re like me and enjoy using the WPA mouthpiece your IQ came with.

  1. Open the mouthpiece lid of your IQ
  2. Push down on the mouthpiece, detaching it from your IQ
  3. Remove the rubber casing from the mouthpiece

When I did this my friend’s mouthpiece accumulated a wall of reclaim on the underside opening of the mouthpiece. Take a sharp needle or q-tip dipped in iso alcohol and start removing the buildup. Next, you can take a q-tip dipped in alcohol and clean the barrel of the WPA. Get a flexible pipe cleaner and insert it from the small slit located on the side. Thoroughly clean the pathway and free any debris that’s been sucked up there. Put your mouthpiece in your mouth and give it a good blow, there should be a lot less resistance.

Flavor Chamber

When the top lid of the IQ is open there will be two cylinders visible. One of the chambers is where the battery goes, and the black circle thing is known as the flavor chamber. Some people are surprised to learn that this chamber can be completely removed. This chamber also likes to fill up with reclaim and finely ground flower that got sucked up from the bowl.

Completely remove the flavor chamber and open the lid at the top. The stir stick that comes with the IQ is the perfect tool to open the top of the flavor chamber. You’re going to need a ton of q-tips for this, along with the cleaning brush your IQ came with.

Once the inside of the flavor chamber is completely clean, turn it upside down and clean the buildup at the hole on the bottom of the flavor chamber. My friend’s IQ was so dirty, the bottom of his flavor chamber was completely caked with reclaim. I scraped away the chunks, then dissolved the remaining residue, followed by using a needle to clear the hole at the bottom of the flavor chamber.

Reassemble your Davinci IQ and pack a fresh bowl! It should be hitting like the very first time you pulled it out of the box. If the device is used daily, try to clean it like this once a week. Please let us know if this guide helped solve your problem in a comment below! I promise you it will make my day 🙂