Davinci slashes prices of IQ and MiQro vaporizers

Davinci has recently dropped the price of their IQ and MiQro dry herb vaporizers.

The IQ, previously $279, is now $229 with a free bubbler mouthpiece!
The smaller Miqro is now $119 or $159 for the Explorer Edition.

The IQ has been one of my favorite ultra-portable dry herb vapes since it came out 3 years ago.

The IQ has a removable 18650 battery, multiple mouthpieces, full temperature control, and customizable smart-paths to really personalize your cannabis vaping experience.

The IQ can vape about 5 bowls per charge, but with extra batteries the IQ is unstoppable!

The Davinci IQ was one of my favorite portable weed vapes at $279, now it’s $50 less and includes a free bubbler! Nice Deal!

1 thought on “Davinci slashes prices of IQ and MiQro vaporizers”

  1. Great to know. The DV iq is good and as you say reliable, annoying to clean but you work it out. My first vape thanks to your earlier videos and have no regrets even tho the 1st one died but they sent a replacement (a bit of stuffing around with a good outcome). Also have an omni-ised shadow m and fury 2.

    I think you do more good than you realise in anticipating or tapping into the needs of your audience. modern cannabists and sess church are phenomenal. Y T would be stupid dicks if they deleted you. the meditation session was an interesting surpise as i had made the comparison between vaping and breating exercises: the control of breath and thought. to see you take it that bit further was great. thank you!


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