Black Friday Vape Deals are LIVE

Vapes for weed really only go on sale twice per year, 4/20 and Black Friday. The 2022 Black Friday deals have just started and I’ve made a round-up of all the best weed vape related sales.

There are currently 22 stores running 20-50% discounts.

This new Gpen Hyer has been on my desk for a couple of weeks now and I’ve been pleasantly surprised with its performance!

The HYER is a portable concentrate vape that packs the punch of a plug-in e-nail in the format of a portable dab pen.

This video is uncensored and shows cannabis usage. My Youtube videos are no longer allowed to discuss the specifics of vaporizers or show me vaping weed. Youtube sucks, so all of my *real videos* will be here from now on.

See my full review of the Gpen HYER if you’re interested in reading more.

Tonight at 6pm, the Troy and Jerry Twitch stream will be about the Gpen Hyer.