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Vapium Summit Review

8/7/18 UPDATE: This vape should be avoided. There are better vapes with better values at lower costs.

We were a little skeptical at the price, but after our first hit we were impressed. Let’s start this review off by giving a quick rundown of the specs:

  • Price: $150vapium-summit-unboxing
  • Temperature: 320F to 446F
  • Temp Settings: 8
  • Charge Time: 1Hr
  • Run Time: 1 Hr
  • Grind: Medium/Fine Grind
  • Vibrate: Yes
  • Heat Time: 45 seconds

The price point is $150 and it has a temperature range of 320F to 446F. The Summit Vaporizer is a conduction unit that functions very similarly to the Pax. For starters it has a battery life that takes 1 hour to charge, and gives about 1 hour of life. One feature we really liked about the Summit Vaporizer was the ability to be used while charging. That’s something the Pax can’t do.

vapium-summit-vaporizer-specsDefinitely liked the fact that this vape has 8 temp settings, and the ability to vibrate when it’s ready to go. (We all know the feeling of anxiously staring at the vape waiting for the signal to hit) You won’t have that problem with the Summit.

Cleaning and Maintaining Summit Vaporizer 

If you don’t clean this vape, you’re going to have a bad time! The inside chamber is sort of an L shape. We noticed if you don’t completely run the pipe cleaner all the way through (from one end to the other) tar starts building up at the 90 degree corner.


  • vapium-summit-vaporizersPrice Point: $150 it honestly does what the Pax does and at a much easier price to swallow
  • Can take a beating
  • Charge Time/Run Time = 1Hr
  • Charge Port = micro USB
  • Good Tasting Hits
  • 8 Temp Settings
  • Vibrates


  • 90 second shut off – We wish this could be extended or bypassed all together. Makes for a convenient quick solo rip vape, but can get annoying having to restart it mid group rotation.
  • When this vape is clean, it performs like a rockstar! When it gets clogged, everything comes grinding to a halt until it’s cleaned. Vapor clouds seem like they’re a quarter the size as they normally are when the vape gets super dirty. You don’t have to clean it religiously, but at least once every 2 weeks give it a thorough cleaning.


Despite the short sleep mode… this vape gives you excellent rips, has decent battery life, very nice price point, and can take a beating! We’re giving the Summit Vaporizer an 8/10!

You can pick up the Summit at the Vapium store for $149 or you can support our friend Randy over at Puffit up – also at $149

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