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Eaze Review – Cannabis Delivery

Let me preface this a bit. I have never received medical marijuana from a delivery service. I have attempted, but the process has always failed. Email verification was slow, or actually required going to a physical dispensary location to register. I get it. Laws and shit. But at least try to make it easy for me!

A year later, I see a facebook ad for Medical Marijuana Delivery in Orange County, $35 discount for first time customers. Well shit, $35 is a sweet deal. That’s an eigth of social weed, or a significant discount for the top shelf private use. I clicked the ad, *GASP* and explored. Eaze found my location perfectly and told me fresh buds were 14 minutes away. Convenient, the kids bed time is also 14 minutes away.

Eaze touted quick and easy online verification. And they delivered it! The verification asks you to upload a picture of your recommendation and a picture of your drivers license. After uploading two massive files (sorry about that. Please don’t print my ugly mug in high res), it prompted me to wait a few minutes.  In less than a minute, the status color changed to green and I was good to go! 5 dank nugs for super easy online verification.

Now off to spend my free $35!

The selection was a bit of a disappointment. 5 or 6 flowers that were mostly Sativa or Hybrids. Pineapple Express tho! I’m normally a Sativa guy, but it’s been a brutal month and I’d really like to relax this weekend. The only Indica was Blueberry Kush. I love this strain, but for some reason it gives me the super munchies. I’m not sure if its the name, or the smell, or something in the strain – but this stuff turns me into the incredible hulk of fridge raiders. Trying to watch my figure though, so I opted for Private Reserve OG instead. To cover my work nights, I also snagged some LSD – a strain that promises to deliver “a vivid and psychedelic experience with a powerful body buzz and cerebral high.” Aside from the flowers, Eaze had a couple other things. A vape pen kit at $40, and some superjoint thing that I cannot wait to try, and a couple crumbles. No edibles. I checked a few days later and found a couple oils and shatters.

When I ordered, estimated delivery was 23 minutes. Longer than the 14 it showed earlier, but within reasonable expectation. Delivery guys drive around constantly. I left a special instruction to text me instead of ringing the doorbell. I warned that my dogs go absolutely nuts at the doorbell. Upon placing my order, which was super easy, I received a text notifying me that the order is received and on its way. About 10 minutes later I get another text, “Driver is 4 minutes away.” And a few minutes later, a text from Corey letting me know he just pulled up. I went out and met him. Nice guy. Clean and friendly. We chatted a bit about the service and how cool it is. He was really happy doing it, he was a brand advocate saying that its growing and selections will improve, etc etc. People liking their job is a good sign for a company. I tipped him $5. I wasn’t sure what the tipping etiquette is on marijuana delivery, but its usually what I give the pizza guy.

The buds were delivered in a small brown paper bag. Inside, the actual flower is packaged in a professionally packed plastic pouch. Nice little bags, once the freshness seal is removed, the bag is resealable with a little zip-lock thingie. One side of the bag is clear so you can see the nugs, the other side is blue with the Eaze logo. I think I prefer the little plastic canisters with the poppable lids. But the bags are cool too.

All of the nugs for both strains I ordered were smaller than I expected. It could be the strain, I’m not sure. I guess if they’re pre-packaging a bunch of eighths is quicker and easier if nugs are trimmed smaller and more uniform. Still, the size and beauty of the nug is part of the experience. I like to admire the nug and observe the colors and crystals and tiny little leaves. The variety is mind bottling. These nugs were smaller, smooshed a bit, some cut up into halves. No chopsticks needed for these guys. Straight into the grinder.

The quality of the flower was great though. Slightly sticky, good humidity. I would consider both strains purchased to be upper middle shelf in medicinal quality.

Overall, the quality of the experience, and the super convenience factor has made Eaze my new goto. What a different world we’re living in, eh? Order weed from your mobile phone, you use a coupon, and it gets delivered 15 minutes later. California!

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