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How to clean the Boundless CF

The Boundless CF and CFX are very easy to clean. Their wide chamber is easy to unload and simple to clean with minimal specialty tools.

Here’s what you’ll need to clean the Boundless CF or CFX:boundless-cf-alcohol-pour

– q-tips

– Isopropyl alcohol, 90% or stronger

– paper towels

– poker tool

If your mouthpiece is modified, tweezers and a concentrate tool will come in handy.

Modified Mouthpiece vs Stock Mouthpiece

We’re not using an OEM mouthpiece. In a previous article we showed how to modify the mouthpiece with a VapeXhale ELB bucket screen and a pipe screen. Read more about the screen modifications.

If you’re using the original CF or CFX mouthpiece and screen: (this part not shown in video)
Remove the mouthpiece assembly and remove the base of the assembly from the top. Sometimes it’s easier to leave the assembly attached to the unit and simply grip and lift the mouthpiece. The top portion will pull off the base. Remove the metal screen from the plastic piece by unthreading it. You need to use two hands. Or pliers. If the threads are stuck, give the whole thing a dunk in alcohol. It’ll help free it up. Soak the metal screen in ISO to clean it. Don’t soak the whole plastic piece. If you can get your screen clean without removing it, then don’t remove it. Clean the inside of the mouthpiece and assembly with q-tips dipped in ISO.

Cleaning The Bowl

If you’re not using a VapeXhale ELB bucket screen the inside of your bowl will look pretty grimey. Luckily it’s pretty easy to clean. Assuming you already cleaned the mouth piece per the instructions above:


Take the CF and hold it horizontal


Dip one side of your Q-Tip in alcohol

Begin rubbing the walls of your bowl in a counter-clockwise motion (Be careful not to allow excess alcohol to drip into the vape)


Use the dry end of the Q-Tip to soak up any excess alcohol within the bowl

Cleaning The Orange Silicon Ring

If you want to give your CF a very thorough clean you will need to remove the orange O-Ring. Lucky for you it’s pretty easy to remove and clean.


Bonus Tips

  • If needed, remove the silicon ring and wipe it down.
  • I like to dunk the actual mouth portion of the mouthpiece in ISO too, just to make sure there’s no herpes or anything on it.