honey / reclaim on the screen of a Boundless CF Vaporizer

With both screen mods in place, the internal screen becomes a honey magnet. FREE DABS!

What I love about the cannabis vape community is the innovation and hacking happening at the consumer level.  Weed vapes exist because of stoner ingenuity, and that same drive to improve our cannabis consumption methods pushes many of us to hack and modify our vapes. We’re always looking to squeeze a little more value or sculpt and polish that perfect experience. Or you know, just make something fucking work!

In the case of the Boundless CF and CFX – both already great vapes – a few simple mods can dramatically improve the quality of the vapor and the experience.

Mouthpiece Screen Installation

This simple mod was shown off by /u/djchexxx. He took apart the lower portion of the mouthpiece and installed a stainless steel pipe screen in place of the threaded cap with little holes drilled into it. This greatly improves airflow and doesn’t get easily clogged like the cap design.

I tried it. It works well, but it still clogs and requires cleaning. And in this case, that means disassembling the mouthpiece. Not a huge deal, but the timing can get annoying. I recommend doing this in addition to one of the screen mods below.

Pipe Screen & Bucket Screen Mod

CF/CFX Bucket Screen mod - mouthpiece

The ELB top bucket screen locks nicely into place on the underside of the mouthpiece. A perfect fit.

This one is simple and super quick to clean. Take a 10mm stainless steel pipe screen. They’re usually 12 for $1 at your local headshop or stock up for life on Amazon. Bend and stretch the screen around your pinky or a Bic pen. With a little working, you can give the screen a nice round/bucket shape. Place this on top of the CF or CFX bowl before you put on the mouthpiece. When it gets dirty, you can use a brush or rub it with your fingers. You can even have several shaped screens handy because you’ll eventually lose one anyways.

If you prefer the neater look, you can buy specialty bucket screens that fit perfectly into the Boundless CFX chamber.
The Arizer Extreme Q bucket screen and the top portion of the Vape Xhale ELB (alternate source) bucket screen both sit perfectly above the bowl and below the mouthpiece. You’ll still want to remove the threaded filter and the threaded insert.  I prefer the VapeXhale bucket because it seats and stays attached to the mouthpiece, but the Arizer Extreme Q screens are cheaper.

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ELB Mod – Extra Convection, easy cleaning, on-the-go pods

Yungleaner and Justpassedu over at the fuck combustion forums discovered that the eazy load bowls from the VapeXHale units fit nearly perfectly into the CF/CFX chamber.

The best part about this mod is the ELB is a perfect pod system for the CF and CFX. Preload your ELBs with .3g each and you’ve got your day covered. You’ll have to smoosh the long basket down a bit on the end most likely. You can put your material in here, cap it with the smaller bucket screen, and have 4 capsules for hot swapping or on-the-go convenience. With the CFX this method seems to get more convection early in the session. With the CF the effect was less dramatic, but it definitely took longer to fully vape everything. At lower temps, expect two full sessions of slightly lighter clouds, or at high temps about a session and a half of average-to-good sized clouds.

The ELBs are 4 for $20 at Puffitup or Vaporwarehouse, but they’re very high quality and will last a long time.

Using the ELB as a capsule is kinda fun. I just carried them around lose in my pocket, although something airtight would be better. They come out hot though, so if you’re hot swapping – be careful. They’re also easy to clean. A light massage between your fingers and a few taps into a jar will clear the ELB right out.