The Dynavap is already a wonderful vape for microdosing, whether cannabis or CBD or Delta8 or even DMT, the Dynavap Vapcap is an agile device with a respectably small extraction chamber.

A loose-packed Dynavap Vapcap only holds .08 to .1g of ground herb and a tightly packed bowl will hold closer to .15g – tested using medium grind Brilliant Cut Grinder and 62% RH top-shelf cannabis.

With the Half-Bowl converter, the Dynavap tip holds .04g with a loose pack and .9 with a tight pack.

The Sneaky Pete Half Bowl Converter for Dynavap is a 2-piece installation, and one of the pieces is technically an extra CCD.

The Half Bowl Dynavap converter installs in 3 simple steps

  1. Remove CCD from your Dynavap tip. This may require removing the tip and poking the CCD out
  2. Drop Half-Bowl Adapter into the now-empty Dynavap extraction chamber
  3. Install new, or old, CCD by placing it on top of the adapter and gently pressing in the center to seat the edges

Modern Dynavap tips made after 2020 already feature an “Adjust-a-bowl” system where the CCD screen can be installed as a half-bowl, but it’s just not secure enough to use and the CCD often falls out during debowling.

The Half Bowl Converter is available at

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