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Dynavap Induction Heaters

This article is a community contribution from ChillMike – if you’re interested in contributing to 420vapezone, please contact me in the Discord.

Here’s Mike’s list of the best performing Induction Heaters on the market.

I will star the best rated & most recommended/suggested companies
(* * * = top recommended, * * = top-recommended but harder to get your hands on, * = secondary recommendation):

VapHotBox (VHB)***

current models –

  • VHB Carbon II – $170
  • VHB Carbon Mini – $175
  • VHB Mini (non-portable wall plug-in) – $99

Widely known as one of the best portable IH’s on the market. Some of the best performance, as well as sleek design. These chambers are fully adjustable to have your cap click at your desired preference for heating (lower temp flavor to aggressive huge cloudage)… These guys should absolutely be amongst your top choices to choose between, and truly are one of the best IH’s you can buy…


current models –

  • Koilboi 2021 Storm (their flagship portable model) – $159
  • Koilboi 2020 Cloud+ (wall-powered with hard-molded casing) – $109
  • Koilboi 2021 Cloud (wall-powered) – $99
  • Koilboi 2021 Fire (wall-powered with handcrafted wooden casing) – $120
  • Koilboi Spark II (this lil guy turns their wall-powered units into portables!)- $69

There’s really a lot to say about Koilboi. Along with VHB, they’re definitely the most recommended and perfectly simple, efficient, and effective IH companies on the market. Not to mention; they have the absolute best, most incredibly generous, and helpful customer service I’ve encountered. All their models include the great color-changing chamber led that’s so helpful and useful as a past click gauge. And for all those cheapies out there; should you first buy a wall-powered device from them due to affordability, that doesn’t exclude you from portability! Should you decide to later on, you can purchase the Spark 2, which is a portable battery pack that provides their wall-powered units the portability that so many crave… Can’t say enough great things about these guys and are always my go-to recommendation alongside VHB. An extra tip from an owner of one; buy Hohm Life 4’s 18650’s for the Storm, as it truly ramps up its speed, performance, and aggressiveness a bit and really perfects the experience, imho

Stealth Induction Cup***

current only model –
Stealth Induction Cup (portable) – $175

They couldn’t have chosen a better name. Good performing standard IH; nice and portable and compact… But the main feature; the main allure, appeal, and attraction to this IH is the “stealth” factor. The way it can easily and surprisingly blend-in in public settings and go completely unnoticed. The camouflage is enticing, and the performance is great with it, as well as looking sleek and comfortable. If you’re looking for the best, yet most discreet IH, this might just be the one for you!


(before beginning, keep in mind that US shipping for these is around $30)

  • Dynacup Gen5 (car & wall-powered induction heater) – $65
  • Dynacup Gen4 (wall-powered) – $55
  • Dynacup Gen4.1 (Dual Mode Button portable) – $79

The older models are the same concept as Stealth Induction Cup’s, but with a cheaper form factor, saving your wallet in the end, and perform quite nicely. Gen4.1 was their portable model that has a button interface on the top and the bottom, so works really perfectly and is great with water pieces… Their latest model though has reinvented their image, and is more along the lines of the sleekness and nice design of the Stealth Cup, but is aimed towards and meant to be used as your main car/driving IH as it will fit perfectly into the majority of all cupholders, and even has working USB ports, so you’re not giving up USB accessibility while parking your Dynacup Gen5 permanently in your car. Comes with a wall adapter too, so you can take it anywhere, but is truly unique, smart, and clever of them to change the course of what they envisioned their IH’s to be originally and could really dig out a new niche for them. They’re good IH’s and the Gen5 just pushed them to new heights…

Pipe’s Induction Heaters**

current models –

  • Portside Mini (older design portable)
  • Cauldron (wall-powered)
  • HotShot (new design portable)

The man, the myth, the legend… The most well-known and classic staple in the IH game since the beginning. Now here is where we begin to get in the area of the “hard-to-gets”. Pipe’s still offering these, but you have to contact him through his site and get on his waiting list. Great classics tho.

Mag Heaters

(first company to create and offer full temp control induction heaters)

  • Mag Heaters Quantum (800mAh portable)
  • Mag Heaters Tempest (800mAh portable with display screen)
  • Mag Heaters Tornado (insertion sense & temp sense auto-heating 3000mAh portable)
  • Mag Heaters Radium (keylock & vu meter version of the Tornado)

Okay, so; like I mentioned above; technically, Mag Heaters is the first company to release, provide, and sell full temp control IH’s. I’ve heard some mixed things, but the tech alone is worth putting them on the list… Soon, there will be a few other companies providing higher quality full temp control IH’s, and they’ll be included in this list… I believe there’s a wait with this company as well.

Fluxer Heaters**

current models –

  • Fluxer Flix v2 (wall-powered; 8-12VDC adapter with at least 10amp current capable) – $135 (price/unit doesn’t include power supply)
  • Fluxer Flux Deluxe (18650 portable) – $150
  • Fluxer Flite (current flagship smaller 18350 portable with extra features) – $250 complete, $240 with batteries & no charger, $230 with charger & no batteries, $220 with no batteries or charger

The creme de la creme… Cream of the crop… The highest quality, most intricately and perfectly designed and handmade sexy-as-fuck high performance IH’s you’ll find out there… Again; another company where you need to contact him directly through his site and then hop on his very lengthy wait list… But hoo boy; are they worth it!!! They’re just incredibly beautiful and well made. They too have a bunch of great features and options. Extremely recommended if you can get ahold of him and wait, or miraculously find one on entexchange!

Timberhead Designs**

(using Pipe’s Bare Bones Induction Heater kit as the bones underneath all these IH’s internally)
current models –

  • Timberhead Mini-Cube (wall-powered) – $195
  • Timberhead Zombie (wall-powered induction heater & multi-stand) – $210
  • Timberhead Junior Executive (wall-powered induction heater & multi-stand) – $210
  • Timberhead Matron (portable induction heater & multi-stand) – $260
  • Timberhead Groot (wall-powered) – $260
  • Timberhead PID & Induction Heater (wall-powered with multi-stand) – $450

Now, these guys are high-quality artisans on the other end… Beautifully handcrafted wood variety IH’s that also double as stands for multiple Dynavaps, as well as some crazy concepts and form factors… Expensive, but worth it if you can afford to. Also; these are built upon Pipe’s Bare Bones setup, so the performance will be great!

Mad Heaters***

Mad Heaters Sense (full range temp control portable with many features) – $TBD

Not out yet, but this is the one folks… This is going to be a full-range temp control and temp sensing IH with so many features, you’ll even be able to dial in and set specific exact temps for each hit!!! This one is the one we’ve been waiting for that’s going to change the dynaverse, how we use vapcaps, and the entire IH game as a whole… And it’s very close to being released. Just stay patient and stay tuned, fellow vaporists, cuz this one is gonna be the one to aim for…!


current models –

  • VapOven Rechargeable – $218
  • VapOven Wall-Powered – $164

Decent, standard IH that can perform well. A little expensive for what it is, but the new models do look nice…


current models –
Dynabox Mini Cube – $96 (urbanistic – $150)
Dynabox Micro – $96

Cute lil IH that has a standard setup that works well. Not a bad beginner IH that they used to sell the shell and internals for you to be able to construct your own. Now they sell these pre-built models.

DOB Engineering*

current only model –

  • DOB Engineering Induction Heater – $125

Very interesting, unique, and intriguing simple IH. The coil is different than what we’re all used to, and I’ve heard that the heating is pretty good and precise. Definitely, a cool one to look into…

Triple P Heaters

current only model –

  • Triple P Low-Budget Heater – $87 (without batteries or charger)

Honorable Mentions –

  • Funky Cat Enterprises (https://www.funkycatenterprises.com/)
  • Vaping Fan’s UFO – $115 (portable – Stash Shack)
  • Ispire Wand – $170 (https://shop.getispire.com/collections/dab-devices/products/the-wand)
  • Chris3DPrintsUS Dynavap Induction Heater (wall-powered – Etsy) – $70 (https://www.etsy.com/listing/1052638077/dynavap-induction-heater-power-supply)
  • YLL Vape* (aka Sourcevapes Ranger – full temp control portable) – $150 (https://www.instagram.com/yllvapesales/)
  • KK Inductions IM420 – $140 (https://kkinductions.ca/collections/inductions-heaters/products/im420)”
    Funky Cat Enterprise
    Home | Funky Cat Enterprises
    Manufacturer of Induction Heaters for use with Dynavap.

The Wand (Basic Kit)
The Wand combined with our borosilicate glass bangers creates a safe and easy dabbing experience by eliminating the need for a torch along with the wires and coils found with other eNails. By using borosilicate glass bangers with an induction heating method, The Wand is able to precisely heat the banger to your desired

Dynavap Induction Heater power Supply Sold Separately | Etsy
Product Info: Heat your Dynavap evenly and with ease using this induction heater. No assembly required. Features: ZVS Induction Heater Module 3D Printed Housing Cooling Magnet Indicator LED Insulating heat shield made from Siraya Sculpt Resin Momentary Power Switch Power supply sold separately.


Chill Mike


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