The Mighty vaporizer is one of the most popular and versatile tools for vaping weed. Having the right Mighty accessories can help you get the most out of your vaporizer and make your vaping experience even more enjoyable.

Whether you’re just starting out with the Mighty vape or you’ve been using one for a while, having the right Mighty vape accessories can make a huge difference. I’ve tested and reviewed the most popular  Mighty vaporizer accessories on the market and provided an overview of their features and benefits.

With the right accessories, you can customize your vaporizer and make it the perfect tool for you. Get ready to take your vaping experience to the next level with some mighty vaporizer accessories.

Mighty Accessories by category. Click the buttons to jump to each section.

Mighty Water Pipe Adapter

An adapter to vape your Mighty through a bong is one of the best accessory upgrades you can make! Especially if the Mighty is your only dry herb vape! There are a few different Mighty bong adapter options.

18mm Glass Water Pipe Adapter for the Mighty Vaporizer

18mm Glass WPA - $18.95

This is MY FAVORITE Mighty water pipe adapter. The 18mm male glass joint has a wide open airflow for massive bong rips and easy vapor flow.

This WPA makes the Mighty vape rip even harder and crank out MASSIVE CLOUDS.

Mighty Glass Bong Adapter for 18mm, 14mm, and 10mm.

10/14/18mm WPA - $18.95

The 10/14/18mm version uses the same direct-to-bowl mount as the 18mm version, but the glass steps down to both 14 and 10mm male as well. This WPA has a tighter draw than the 18mm and the 14mm bong adapters.

Mighty silicone WPA bong adapter by Delta3dstudios

Silicone 14/18mm WPA

The Delta3dStudios WPA for the Mighty and Crafty is a great option for those planning to carry their WPA in their pocket. The silicone isn’t as tasty as the glass WPA, but it tastes fine and can even be used as a mouthpiece.

Vaping through a bong or a bubbler cools the vapor even more and will allow you to take much bigger hits from the Mighty vape.

Mighty Dosing Capsules

Dosing capsules keep your Mighty vaporizer cleaner while making vaping on the go a lot less messy. The Mighty capsules are small aluminum canisters that fit perfectly in the Mighty bowl. Dosing capsules can be prefilled in advanced and cleaned out later, when it’s more convenient for you.

Mighty Dosing capsule filling set

Mighty Capsule Filling Set - $49

This is the ultimate bundle for Mighty owners looking to use dosing capsules. It comes with 40 Mighty dosing capsules, a filling station, a scale, and all the tools you’ll need! Just add weed!

Also available direct from Storz & Bickel.

Mighty Dosing Capsule Keychain

Capsule Caddy Keychain

Keep 4 loaded capsules concealed in this Storz & Bickel-themed keychain. One end unscrews to keep your cannabis fresh!

I like carrying two of these and keeping the strains separate. It’s also available with concentrate pads for $8.

Mighty Dosing Capsules

Bulk Dosing Capsules

These soft aluminum dosing capsules can be re-used as many times as you’re able to do so, but they’re cheap enough to throw away and replace as they get too bent or mangled. 40 for $14.

Also available in bags of 400!

Mighty Dosing Capsule Magazine (8 pods)

8 Capsule Magazine - $7

The plastic capsule magazine holds 8 dosing pods, perfect for the Mighty owner on the go.

It’s not as airtight as the keychain, but it’s not super stinky.

Dosing Capsule Plunger Tool by Storz & Bickel

Capsule Lid Remover / Plunger - $8

If you’re a Mighty capsule user, this tool is a must-have accessory. One end has a silicone lip for easily gripping capsule lids, and the other end has a perfect plunger for packing or closing lids.

Mighty Vape Cases

I carry my Mighty vape daily without a case, but I live in California where weed is legal and I’m comfortable with smelling like cannabis. Not in a legal state? Smell-proof vape cases are a must-have accessory.

New Mighty+ Vaporizer case by Storz & Bickel

Pictured above: 2023 Mighty+ Vaporizer case by Storz & Bickel

Omerta Smell Proof Mighty Case

Omerta Smell Proof Padded Pouches

The Omerta line, by Dimebags, is the best smell-proof bags available. Their bags have activated charcoal linings and double zippers to lock down those skunky scents.

This case is Mighty sized and will give it some protective padding. The Omerta line of smell proof bags includes a variety of sizes, including backpacks and duffle bags.

Storz & Bickel Mighty Case

Storz & Bickel Case - $24

New for 2023, the Storz & Bickel Mighty+ case is a smell-proof hard case made to perfectly fit the Mighty vaporizer and a handful of vape accessories along with your herb.

RYOT Mighty smell proof pouch

Ryot Smell Proof Pouch - $49

 The RYOT smell-proof bag is also carbon lined and heavily sealed to keep smells concealed.

RYOT bags are a nice blend between casual style and smell-proof functionality.

There are a few more Mighty case accessory options on the  Vape Case Page.

Mighty Cooling Unit Upgrades + Add Ons

Adding an extra Mighty cooling unit to your accessory collection can be a game changer because it doubles the usage in between cleanings. You can clean 2-10 Mighty cooling units simultaneously to save time if you’re using the ISO soak method.

Stainless Steel Mighty metal cooling unit

Metal Mighty Cooling Unit

These Stainless Steel cooling units look cool but I don’t think they add anything to the vapor.

Mighty Cooling Unit

Extra Cooling Unit - $19

Keep a spare cooling unit nearby so you won’t be forced to clean your Mighty as soon as it gets too dirty, just switch to the fresh cooling unit and clean up when its convenient.

Three Extra Mighty Cooling Units

THREE Cooling Units - $55

Three extra cooling units are the ultimate luxury. Extend the time between cleanings to many weeks or even months!

With heavy use, I can soil a cooling unit over the weekend.

Mighty Mouthpiece Upgrades & Replacements

Mighty Glass Mouthpiece

Mighty Glass Mouthpiece

This little glass mouthpiece fits the Mighty but doesn’t lock in the same way as the original. With a little babysitting, this is a fun little upgrade – but it can be a pain to keep it in place, especially if you’re carrying.

Titanium Mighty Mouthpiece

Mighty Titanium Mouthpiece

The Titanium mouthpiece is similar to the glass in that it doesn’t stay locked in very well. It’s more durable than glass and has a slightly different mouth feel.

Mighty 4-pack Mouthpieces

Mighty Mouthpiece 4 pack

I’ve never lost or broken any of my original Mighty or Crafty mouthpieces, but I have seen them get dirty enough to consider throwing them away instead of cleaning them!

Simrell Mighty Mouthpiece

Simrell Mighty Mouthpiece Adapter

Not for the traveler! Simrell makes an adapter to use his Simrell Vortex stem on the Mighty or Crafty.

I personally find this setup awkward to hold, cumbersome to hit, and mostly pointless in performance.

This adapter will technically connect any stem and there are a ton of great Dynavap stems to choose from.

Troy and Jerry recently spent two whole live streams dedicated to the Mighty – and they could easily spend two more.

We covered all of the best, and the worst Mighty accessories in the stream, here’s a cut video highlighting just the portion where we talk about accessories.


I recently tested these while snowboarding in Mammoth and they were perfect for quickly reloading a bowl on the slopes without having to take off my gloves.


How often do you change the screens on your Mighty? I normally wait until the sides start to splinter metal pieces. I’ve always been worried of one of these strands dislodging and getting stuck in my throat. On my last order from Puffitup I decided to order 6 screens for $3.90 and now I change them routinely.

Oil Pads

If you’re still using the oil pad that came with your Mighty, it’s time to order replacements. Puffitup has them for less than $7.

Mighty Car Charger

– The Mighty has a unique problem I’ve never encountered with other weed vaporizers: the battery is TOO good. So much so that I sometimes forget the Mighty actually needs to be charged. The Mighty doesn’t use Micro USB, so power banks aren’t an option. Fortunately there’s a Car Charger available. I don’t recommend vaping while driving.



The Mighty standing tall on a rock. Can’t do that without a stand!

– For whatever reason, the Mighty was never manufactured with the ability to stand upright. Luckily there are more than a handful of third-party Mighty stands that will keep your vaporizer standing vertically when not in use.

Extra Cooling Unit

– This accessory isn’t so much an upgrade as much as it’s a time saver. Want to share your Mighty without sharing or swapping mouthpieces? How about when you want to vape a bowl, and haven’t cleaned it in a very long time? What if you need a new screen or o-ring and ran out a month ago and forgot to reorder one? Having an extra cooling unit solves all of these problems!